Oh, so that's how that fits together...

Well, yesterday, I visited my local quilt shop with my gift card from my boss...yes, he called the quilt shop to buy me a gift card and had it mailed to me. 

Anyway, I bought the olive green solid for the front and a matching print for the back.  And, I washed it...btw, the color catcher came out white!  And, I ironed it and I cut the first set of shapes out of it.  And, I started putting it together into rounds and partial rounds. 

I thought the arcs would be the hard part.  I was wrong.  It takes lots of marking and matching and pinning to get the sections together.  Like, prep for 40 minutes, sew for 10.

But, that's okay.  It's gonna be worth it in the end.  Right? 


Have a great Sunday.  Lane


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lw said...

Cool boss!!!

I like where this is going. And yes, totally worth the time, especially when Rob sees this finished.

Moneik said...

It's beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished. It's one that is on my bucket list.

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