It didn't really get better

Well, Barbara Brackman released her next Westering Women block from this year's BOM series.  And, I gave it a whirl.  It's called Indian.  And, when I think of Native Americans, I think of blues, greens, and terra cotta colors.  So, I pulled those fabrics from my stash and used a sand color as the neutral.

And, I hated it.  (but it looks great with the bedspread, right?)

So, I took it apart and found a new fabric for the center. 

And, I liked the new fabric, but I didn't care for the sand colored fabric.  So, I took it apart some more and replaced that.  And, I'm not much happier with it now than I was to begin with. 

But, honestly, two tries is all I'm giving it. 

It just doesn't fit with its sister block (and, yes, I did have to look up whether its should have the apostrophe, just for you guys.  because it's early here and I'm using that as my excuse for not being able to remember.  Jeez, I'm a technical writer after all...).  So, the new challenge of this quilt is to make blocks that will tie those two together.  Yay, as if life wasn't already challenging enough. 

Kidding.  Life is good.  The trip to New Orleans went fine.  The weather was bad, but we were unaffected by it.  I had dinner with my outgoing boss and my new boss...that change happened just a couple days earlier.  So, I took the chance and got them to talk between the three of us about my favorite subject...me.  It was a great chance to make sure the new boss heard all the things I wanted him to hear. 

It actually started a bit before that when I had to choose whether to ride in the car with the old boss or the new one.  I chose the new one.  And, we chatted amiably for a bit.  And, then I just asked "is this a good time to start talking about what it's going to be like to work with together?"  And, he said sure, so we did.  I'm finally learning to sell myself.  Dang, but ain't it about time?

Everybody have a great weekend.  Syd has a choir competition.  Rob and I are going to a quilt show.  Life is real good.



Gisela Suski said...

Love the squares and love your patience. New boss, trip to New Orleans busy busy person. I was at a cheer competition last weekend it went from 8 - 5:30, hope your daughter does well. I think I would like choir instead of cheer. I have the choir next week and I am always impressed.

I worked in the corporate world for so many years and now I just enjoy being home and sew. I have decided I am addicted to sewing - how do you explain that to non-sewers?

lw said...

Not much contrast in that first block. Maybe it was supposed to function as a pseudo neutral in the larger pattern? But life's too short to make a quilt you think is ugly.

Vesuviusmama said...

I, too, struggled with fabric selection for this block. I made sure to use one fabric the same as the Independence Square block so there'd be something to tie it together. I guess we won't know until it is all said and done if it worked. Bravo on being assertive on the job front!