Moving forward

Weekends are always busy here.  We save most of our chores and errands for weekends.  And, this weekend was no different.  I did get to spend a good bit of time quilting.  I'm still working on the hand quilting on the Dresden Plate and when I can, I'm working on the green DWR quilt.  I got four circles prepped.  I decided to go with bed sized.  36 circles.  I really should count it by the diamond shapes.  That's the real block.  And, sometimes, it only has one melon shape attached.  But, even that is a completed block.

Yesterday, I decided to start quilting this little star quilt.  It's made from leftovers of the guild's raffle quilt and I thought it would be nice to donate it to the silent auction. 


It ran when I spritzed it to take out my blue quilting marks.  Oh, well.  I'm still donating it to the guild's silent auction.  But, I'll be marking with tissue paper from now on, not water soluble pen.

I worked in the yard and I cleaned house.  I actually got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed my kitchen floor with a brush, washed all the cabinet doors, and bleached the countertops.  Rob kept looking at me funny.  But, he knows I applied for a job last week.  He knows why I was scrubbing and cleaning and working in the yard. 

It's my stress release.  With me, cleaning is a sign of positive change.  And, comparatively, it's not a bad vice.  I'm sure we could all think of things more annoying than a clean floor as a way to de-stress.

The job is a good match.  I kind of hope I get it.  It's in a completely different area of the company, working on a different kind of product.  It would mean a whole new set of people.  Most of whom I have never offended.  But, the work is familiar.  I've had a wonderful string of managers that have challenged me and given me data analysis projects and shown me better ways of doing things.  It was always in addition to my regular responsibilities...and was probably as much to keep me busy and quiet as to challenge me...but in this job, that would be the main responsibility.

I am, of course, excited.  But, not anxious.  Just kind of, I can do this and I'm going to do this.  And, either it will work out or it won't.  It's so much easier to do things if I let go the outcome. 

Everybody have a great Monday! 


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lw said...

Wow! Look how far you've come on that wedding ring top!

I also clean when I'm angry or upset; it's a positive thing to do and somehow it seems like things are bound to get better faster if things are clean and less chaotic.