A weird quilting mood

I finished the 5th Westering Women block from Barbara Brackman.  It's named Platte River and is in the lower right corner. 

Having a little trouble feeling this one.  I just can't seem to hit my stride choosing fabrics.  And, the more I do, the less excited I am.  It doesn't seem worth starting over.  And, I'm too far in to stop. 

This isn't the only quilt I'm feeling this way about.  I finally ordered the thread to finish the star quilt.  I don't have any ideas what I'm quilting, but the thread will be here any day.  I can't get my "sea legs" under me on that one.  I want to work on the Double Wedding Ring, but it's such a busy time that I just can't seem to get excited about that one either.  We still haven't ordered the batting.  Actually, I do get excited about it, but it's usually at a time I should be doing something else, and it happens in spits and spurts. 

I have this thing I do when I feel like this about quilting.  And, it's a great time for it.  I sew for Linus.  Linus quilts have no rules.  They can be messy and crazy and even ugly.  And, they can be freeing, and expressive, and even motivating.  And, they are ALL something done for someone else.  And, that speaks to me louder than any show quilts or prize winners. 

So, next week, while Sydney is living in my sewing room, I'm going to be sewing strips together in my first...I can't remember the name, but something about a race, where you sew all your strips together in one long strip, then cut it to length and sew those strips into a quilt top.  Fast.  Peaceful.  Easy.  No rules.  Just me and fabric and thread and color and a sewing machine. 

Everybody have a great Friday and a great weekend.  Three days off is going to be wonderful.  And, next Friday is graduation.  And, Syd and I need to open her first checking account. 

Holy Moly.  Everything is moving so fast.  And, fortunately, my quilting is taking a backseat to some of the other, more important things going on. 

We had a real "come to Jesus" talk this week about chores and gratitude and responsibility and expectations.  I was cool and calm and straightforward.  I set it all on the line.  And, I got real emotion back.  She let me behind the cloak of independence that she wears to keep people at a distance.  And, last night, I got a thank you.  First one in a LONG time.



Kate said...

it's called a jelly roll race ! and it is freeing....... have fun.

Mari said...

I usually find that after a period of "quilting blues" like you describe I get a renewed crative spark. So maybe this is just a little downtime before the next great idea. In the meantime, your blocks look pretty good!

And hey--you got a thank you! A sure sign of maturity!

Carla said...

They listen. They just don't let you know right away but when they do you know you've done something right.
I've got a quilt I need to finish and I just can get my quilting mojo on right now. Grrr. I better hurry up or the Baby Momma will think I forgot.
Have an awesome week