Changed plans

First off, God bless the citizens of Fort McMurray, Al.  What a terrible and devastating situation. My thoughts go out to them and their neighbors who are assisting them.

On the home front, Sydney's prom plans all fell through at the last minute. Dang it. Sometimes I just wanna shake kids that change plans at the last minute. But I also gotta remember that this kid has trouble with friends. So we take this kind of stuff in stride.

But you know what?  We are the best dads ever and we're gonna get dressed up in our suits and ties and take the girl to a very nice restaurant downtown and then drop her off at prom. Rob ordered a corsage. And I'm going to see if she will let me escort her in to the ticket table. Maybe not. We'll see.

Tomorrow is all Sydney, all day. Haircut, jewelry, makeup, up-do on her hair (I don't know why that takes a different person than the cut but this time, I'm not asking), dress, dinner and drop her off. Then we can change into comfortable cloths to wait til the middle of the night to go pick her up.

A dads work is never done.

Everybody have a great Friday!!

I'm so proud of us. All of us.


Rieann said...

So sorry for Sydney that her plans fell though but I am sure she will have a wonderful time after all your plans are completed, and she may well be the Belle of the Ball, after all. Not sure if they do 'dance cards' any more but if they do I hope hers fills up FAST!
You and Rob are great examples of real parents, hope you all have a great time.

sally said...

When all is said and done, people don't remember what someone gave them, or where they took them, or how much someone spent on them. What they remember is how someone made them feel. Sounds like you are making sure Sydney feels very special......a memory to cherish.

lw said...

Dinner with the two of you at a very nice restaurant sounds better to me than a prom. I hope it works out better than ever for Sydney.

Mari said...

Hope Sydney has a wonderful time! if you're both all dressed up, you could offer to stay and chaperone the party. Could be interesting! :)

Becky said...

I love you guys!!!!! You are making her night more special than it could ever have been otherwise!!
Did I mention I love you guys!!!!


Carla said...

Best Dads ever. Sorry for her plans falling thru though. It seems some kids at this age seem to be so fickle and change plans at the drop of a hat and don't care who it affects or how.
Hope she had a wonderful time!