Some garden pics

Now is the time I most get to enjoy my garden.  I walk in it every day.  Just a few minutes of peace to start the day and a few more minutes to end the day.  This year, we've gotten lots of rain.  It's been really nice not to be out there watering.  But, with the rains come the mosquitoes.  And, that's a whole misery of its own. 

But, things like this are worth it.  A bright yellow daylily.

A green daylily.  The camera didn't do it justice.  It was actually one of the greenest blooms I'd ever seen. 

Purple mums tucked in a dark corner.  The corner gets plenty of light during the day, but when I'm in the garden, it's a dark spot.  I've started to fill those little understory spaces that have developed as my plants get larger with colorful plants to brighten them. 

Sydney gave me this for Man-mom's day a couple years ago.  I just love the purple and red leaves inserted in a quiet green spot. 

Coreopsis.  This plant and I have struggled.  This year is by far its best.  I've tried it in several spots where it should have been easy and finally, I seem to have found one it's actually happy in. 

Purple bearded iris.  Like most of my iris, this one came from Boston and it took several years to acclimate before it would bloom.  But, now it's dependable for a little show of color every year and thick, spikey, pale green all year. 

I grew up calling this "princess feather".  It is the first plant I ever remember growing, in a small corner of my Mom's flowerbed from seeds my Grandmother gave me. 

Purple salvia.  Invasive.  Comes up from seed and root.  I pull more of it as weeds than every other real weed that comes up.  I love having it.  It's about 4 feet tall and beautiful purple flowers.  I just have to keep it controlled.  Vigorously.  The little red at the bottom is a little early turk's cap.  It will thrive when the heat really sets in, shaded by the salvia that can take the heat and intense sunlight. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  There's so much going on in my life that I can hardly think.  I feel like I'm living more by habit than by choice.  Good thing I have good habits.

For the most part. 



lw said...

I also have purple salvia, I'd be okay if it took over the whole front yard. I don't even mind the bees.

sally said...

We call it 'Turk's Turban'. Mine spreads a lot, but I love it. I have enjoyed sharing it with others. My original plant came from my sweet grandmother who died about 25 years ago. I enjoyed your garden tour! Did Sydney ever talk about how the prom went?

Carla said...

Nice pops of colors around the yard. Thanks for the tour