What's on my mind...

Work is taking a toll.  I'm in the middle of several complex projects and I'm taking on even more responsibilities. 

The grammar project has gone well.  I've managed to rewrite a lot of badly written text and get it approved.  And, keep people entertained.  The rest of the team started to play a game lately where they give me the most complex and badly written sentence to rewrite..."oh, Lane can take care of that part...let us know what you come up with..."  It's okay.  It's very challenging to communicate complex ideas in simple ways.  And, I'm the one with the vested interest in the final document, so I can be fun during the process, if it moves things along. 

Recently, I've been tasked with heading up our response to sudden changes in weather.  I'm taking over for a friend who has done great work over the years and leaves me with a good, simple process.  But, with the changes in weather over the last couple years, you can imagine that management has a special interest in the weather and our ability to respond quickly and efficiently.  And, when they asked if I'd take over the team (and be the face of bad weather), this introvert said yes.  Cause I'm a idiot!  I've been in more meetings about rainfall in the last ten days.  But, I've had to quickly learn a boatload about weather forecasting. 

I have a crick on my neck.  At first, I thought it was just from sleeping wrong.  But, it's not going away.  Today, I need to start doing something about that.  For one thing, get my butt out of my desk chair.  Yesterday, I got out of my chair a couple times to go to the bathroom and once to warm up lunch.  And, the rest of the day, I worked.  That was the third day in a row.  And, that's where that pain is coming from.  Walk.  Stretch.  Break up the day.  That's the solution. 

I've spoken here about the one legged homeless man that I do my best to help.  But, I haven't spoken of him in a while.  I don't know what happened, but he's not the one legged homeless man anymore.  He lost his other leg.  And, he's panhandling in a wheelchair.  He works on a traffic island and I've only been able to give him money if I'm one of the first three cars stopped at the light.  And, that was good enough for me, when he was one legged.  You'd be surprised how frequently I was one of the first three cars.  Enough that I learned his name and we would chat.  Now that he's in a chair, I don't think it's enough to help when I'm one of the first three cars.  So, I've been devising ways I can get him money, without having to bring the car to a stop in traffic...people don't like that, no matter how noble the cause.   So, I've taken zip top baggies and put a handful of change in each one.  They have weight, and if they land right, they have a handle that he can reach over the edge of his chair and pick up.  And, if they don't land right, he can use his sign and roll them over.  I can add cash if I want at the last minute.  And, the plan is to drop a baggie as I drive by.  I got my first chance yesterday.  I drove by, and just before I passed him, I dropped my baggie.  I heard it hit the ground and saw it slide along the ground and stop right under his chair.  Perfect, right?  Not so much.  I also saw the look on his face when I reached out of the window and threw something at him.  I never thought of that...people abuse the homeless.  And, they throw things at them.  Not many.  But, some.  Fortunately, at the last second, he recognized me as I called his name and I saw him relax and he gave me a wave as I drove by.   But, next time, I'll slow down more so it looks less like I'm tossing a rock at him.  Who cares if somebody behind me honks.

The diabetic cat is sick.  We were able to wean her off insulin in January.  But, last month, we had to put her back on.  And, now we're trying to regulate the amount.  And, that's trial and error.  And, trips to the vet.  And, I don't have time for trips to the vet right now.  But, I'm doing my best and using what I learned about feline diabetes last year.  And, we're managing.  Sort of.  Trial.  Error.  Trial.  Error. 

My Mom has been sick.  Very sick.  It's hard to get information from them.  But, she's been in the hospital for a few days.  Keep her in your thoughts.  I'm going to call today.  Hopefully she's back home now.  I know she'll be glad to be released. 

Sydney graduates in two weeks.  For graduation, I'm sending her to driving school.  It's as much a gift for us as it is for her.  We are tired of taking her back and forth to work.  We held that as a carrot to get her to turn in her homework.  And, she never would.  So, we never pursued it.  And, she was good doing without.  Dang her, but she'll do without just about anything to get to be "in charge" of what she does and when.  I get it.  Before she came to live with us at nine years old, she wasn't "in charge" of anything except making sure she had a place to sleep and was warm and had food.  When she came to us and didn't need to worry about those things anymore, she picked other things to be "in charge" of.  Like when she'd turn in her homework.  It could be worse. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  It's going to storm here and I wish I didn't have to get out in it.  But, it can't be helped.  Sudden bad weather is becoming the norm. 

Did I mention that pain in my neck?



lw said...

Wow, that's a lot to be getting on with. You're right about moving more. At least once an hour, take a short walk.

Sydney's background sounds like it may have suited her for management, maybe a business degree would be a good direction.

I hope you Mom will be well soon.

Carla said...

Sorry about your mom. Hope she's feeling better soon. You've got a lot on your plate right now. wow. That's really a neat thing you do by giving change to the homeless guy that you see every day.

Hope your world right side up and happy. The sky is about to bust open here.

Becky said...

You busy, busy fella! I am praying for your Mom...hope she is recovering well. Cannot believe Sydney is graduating!!! She is so beautiful, Lane. You and Rob have done a wonderful job. (I think I have told you that a hundred times before...but I MEAN it!!) Try to get some rest in this weekend!!
Love ya!