How did that take all weekend?

I got the double wedding ring quilt top together.  And, I put it on the bed.  And, it was a little bit shorter than I wanted.  I just wanted a little bit more around the edges. 

I saw someone add a border to a DWR on Simply Quilts a long time ago, so I knew how to do it.  You have to applique the edge of the quilt to a strip of fabric.  So, I figured out how to cut the leftover fabric so that I'd have enough and I even planned where the seams would lie on the sides; near the center or near the end.  I made my strips.  And, I folded the edge of the quilt under, all the way around to give me a finished edge and I basted that.  Then, I pinned the quilt to the strips and basted that.  And, then I started appliqueing it down. 

I tried several machines before I found the blind hem stitch that made me happy.  And, now I'm going back and pulling out all that basting thread.  I used Harriet Hargrave's mock hand applique technique and even used invisible thread to do it.  And, even though I tried multiple ways to do something different, what she recommended was perfect. 

Later, I'll come along and scallop that edge because you really need a scalloped edge for a DWR, right?  I mean, that's like part of the charm. 

I've also been quilting on the star quilt.

First, I drew the shape I wanted and pinned it to four layers of tissue paper. 

Then, I used the sewing machine without any thread in it and I needle punched the lines into the tissue paper. 

Now, don't laugh, but I put that shape in and realized it wasn't right, so I pulled it out and drew something else. 

I cut the pieces of tissue to fit the shape and then I used the needle holes as a guide and quilted the shape into the quilt. 

Pull the paper and whamo-blamo, you have beautiful quilting. 

I put the quilt aside.  Told Rob I don't know what to do next.  He said, "quilts not talking to you?"  And, I said, "no, just the opposite.  It's screaming at me...stop quilting me!"  Really, the ditch work is all this quilt needs and I'm just adding quilting to impress a show judge. 

And, that's not the right reason to quilt. 

Pride cometh before a fall...



lw said...

I used to know an oil painter who learned to always respect that inner voice that told her the painting was complete.

From the pictures, it looks perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you do beautiful work! Be proud of it. The pride quote doesn't apply.

Kath said...

Beautiful work Lane, I never fail to be blown away by your free motion quilting. I'm still trying to master squiggles :-D