A new broom sweeps clean

I'd love to turn that into some political quip, but it's not.  It's much more literal than that.

We keep a relatively clean house.  I had an Aunt who had a plaque in her kitchen when I was a kid.  It said "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy." 

That's my motto, too. 

One of the things we do regularly is to steam the carpets.  This weekend was designated for that task.  Before we started, Rob was looking over the steamer and found a torn suction hose.  Okay, so those hoses are pretty important.  He showed it to me and we started talking about our last few carpet steaming experiences and we'd both noticed that the cleaner was sucking up less, but neither of us had really talked about it. 

And, now we know why.

I think Rob thought I'd need convincing to replace instead of try to repair.  But, one of my first thoughts was, we've had this thing for years and we use it regularly.  We've gotten our money's worth.  And, we drove to the store and replaced it, and by noon, we were waiting for everything to dry.

When we work together, we work well.  I even joked as we were leaving the store that I feel like I'm missing some of the experience of spending money because we don't argue enough about major purchases. 

I accomplished a couple other things.  I got the blue and yellow stars Linus quilt bound, but not washed.  I got the last replacement quilting stitches in the green Double Wedding Ring quilt and it's ready to wash.  And, I got this quilted.  Lots of lines and a maple leaf free motion pattern across those piano keys. 


It's not finished tho.  One of the things I saw on Simply Quilts the other day was using buttons to finish a quilt and I have a beautiful multi-generational button collection.  I'm thinking that buttons would finish off those larger solid squares just perfect.  Or maybe not.  The beauty of it is that I can lay them on there and decide if I like them before I sew them on. 

We'll see. 

Next up is the pastel Dresden Plate quilt.  But, I need a batting.  And, I've been cheaping out.  But, I need to bite that bullet and just get it ordered.  Maybe it's time to start buying them two at a time.

I was walking through the garden yesterday.  I saw this in bloom.  Unfortunately, it's at the top of a 10 foot tall plant.  Holy Moly, this one got big this year.  I don't know what it is, so if you recognize it, please let me know.  The leaves are kind of fern like and at the end of the stalks, there are these large yellow cones.  Those then form a tri pointed seed pod from each flower.  It's a lovely plant that I really need to enjoy this year because I've got to cut it way back this fall and I don't know if it will survive.  But, it turned into a tree!  And, it's shading too much space.  If the bloom wasn't so pretty, I'd likely have cut it down already.  This is just one of a couple things that has gotten too big for the space. 

I'm looking forward to winter gardening.

Everybody have a great Monday.  It's the start of a new week.  Anything could happen.

I hope whatever happens, it's something fun. 



Rebecca Grace said...

The maple leaf quilting looks great on your piano key border, Lane! So, what kind of steamer did you end up buying? I've been looking around my house lately thinking that it's gotten dirty enough at this point that it's no longer happy OR healthy... With two big dogs bringing dirt in, the carpets should really be cleaned more often but Stanley Steamer is too expensive and too inconvenient (since you get the best deal when they do the whole house at once, and then there's nowhere to WALK!). Also last time they came they used a horrible perfumed "deodorizer" without telling me that gave me a headache for days. I always worry that I'd spend all this money on a home steamer and then it wouldn't work much better than a regular vacuum.

Kay said...

Could it be a yellow sumac?

The Joyful Quilter said...

Linus Quilt turned out SEW well!! One thing to consider about the buttons, is that type of embellishment allowed? I wouldn't want you to use your collection only to have someone remove the buttons.

Anonymous said...

Janie has a CHASTE TREE that blooms blue and grows very tall. Could yours be another variety of hers? I would like a start off yours if possible. Will you do the other 2 squares for your sisters? lum

Laurel said...

Hello Lane, your blog is a wonderful resource, thank you! In regard to that plant, I thought it was tipuana tipu, but it seems it is candlestick senna, invasive here in Australia...