Working away

It was another busy weekend around la casa de That Man Quilts.  On Saturday, I worked in the garden.  I had really let it go too long.  It had gotten way too overgrown during the heat, when I didn't want to go outside.  Now, you can see individual plants again.  And, the plants are out of the shade.  Hopefully, it will look good when Rob's Mom is here in a couple weeks. 

While the sewing room was down, I worked on something new.  Something I could make outside of the sewing room.  This is a little kit I bought at the quilt show a couple weeks ago.  This is where I started. 

But, it didn't really make me happy.  So, I kept playing.  And, I got here. 

Still not there...excuse the misplaced nose and scarf, I just saw that...I'll get it figured out, but I might be moving things around for a good while more.  I have another tree cut out because I believe that should be an odd number.  And, there are still the three snowflakes to lay out.  I think it's the pinecones at the top that bother me.  They just don't really add anything for me.  The good thing is, until I iron it down, I can move it anywhere I want to. 

I'm also making Sydney a shirt for her birthday.  She picked the fabric the last time she and I went quilt shopping.  It's very strange quilt fabric.  It's a batik, but it's very light weight batik.  Consequently, it's stretchy and squirmy like rayon and straight lines were a struggle. 

But, the hard part is done now.  All that's left is buttons and buttonholes, and while they aren't hard, they are my least favorite part of shirtmaking.  I even embroidered her name in the yoke.  She saw it hanging on the chair on Sunday afternoon, so she knows I'm working on it.  But, I wouldn't let her look at it.  Hopefully I can keep her hands off it til her birthday. 

Everybody have a great week.  Sorry I didn't blog yesterday but the computer gods were against me.  Today, everything worked slick as a whistle.  Grrrr.  That's the stuff makes me feel cray-cray!



Lane said...

Not sure why but Bloglovin isn't showing the second picture. You might have to check out the original post in blogger where it shows.

Rebecca Grace said...

I like your changes to the appliqué kit, and I agree, pine cones floating around in the sky are kind of weird, like the squirrels are flying some kind of woodland drone surveillance contraptions. And the shirt for Sydney -- she's a lucky girl! Very special that you embroidered her name in it. She'll be wrapped in Dad's love every time she wears it.