I don't follow instructions very well

I got the little snowman quilt all fused down this morning.  It took a lot longer than I anticipated.  I folded up a heavy cotton tablecloth on the floor and topped that with a folded towel so I could lay the whole background out.  Then, I laid everything on it and when I was happy with the positioning, I fused it all down. 

This is what I ended up with.

This was the pattern. 

I like my changes.  And, yes, I forgot to trace the pattern from the back. 

This was a kit I bought at the guild's show a few weeks ago.  Rob and I looked at it and I almost didn't buy it because I didn't immediately love it.  But, I'm so glad I didn't pass on it.  We decided it would be this year's Christmas quilt.  I got it for $10 on the second day of the show.  I squared the center fabric but didn't take any size off of it, so it's larger than the pattern would have been.  I added both border fabrics because I didn't like the ones that came with the kit.  I added the fabric for the center tree.  The one next to the snowman was cut from what they gave me for the back.  I'd still have plenty, but I really like that fabric and think I can find something I like a little less for a backing.  I have a candy cane print I might use for a binding if it's not too busy. 

To cut down on the stiffness, I trimmed my paper backed fusible about 3/8" inside the lines, so the larger pieces are only stuck down around the edges.  I was able to use what I cut away to make the smaller pieces, so I used a lot less fusible than the pattern.  The snowman and the snowflake centers are two fabric layers thick so that you can't see the background through the white. 

I'm going to finish it by straight stitching just inside all the applique pieces with matching thread.  I've never finished raw edge applique that way before and want to try it.  And, because this is a wall quilt, it really doesn't need to stand up to much laundering. 

But, no more today.  I've got other things to do. 

Everybody have a great weekend. 

I wonder how long I can hold out before I start sewing these applique pieces down.

I don't think it will be long. 



Becky said...

You rebel you!!! hahaha I love your changes, but I'm not surprised! You took a so-so pattern and made it beautiful! I love your sense of design.....but I think I have told you that before, haven't I. Are you sick of hearing it yet? :)

The Joyful Quilter said...

I really like your lighter, brighter version of the quilt... AND the fact that you CHOSE to cut the pieces from the front!! It worked out well by adding an element of originality.

Susan Smit said...

I love your layout much better and the color choices does it justice. Good for you.

JustGail said...

I like your changes, especially putting the branches and cones in both corners!