An especially busy weekend.

It was Syd and Rob's weekend at the coast.  They go every year with a group of friends for a remembrance of a friend lost a few years ago.  This year, I painted the kitchen.  And, it really needed it.  It used to be yellow.  And, I painted it yellow.

Actually, it was a very pure and bright yellow.  But, the living and dining rooms are a brownish gray.  It made the pure yellow look wrong.  So, the new yellow is a grayish yellow.  You can barely see the difference, but it's there and I know it, and I guess that's all that counts.  And, the ceiling is so nice and white!

And, I did a little quilting, too.  I got the hand applique done on the DWR quilt.  When I was pulling out the old applique, I really tore up a line of quilting, so I finished pulling that out and put it back in.  I have a couple spots to go back and do a bit of hand work on and then that will finally be finished for real...not sure why I'm having so much trouble putting finished to that.

I made two blocks for the Westering Women quilt from Barbara Brackman.  I've finally gotten so I like this quilt.  I think I figured out its purpose and that gave me some focus for it.  The blocks must have drawn criticism for the Y seams (Barbara wrote a whole "no whining" post about them).  But, if you understand Y seams, they're really not hard.  It's all about marking the seam start and end of the seamline and backstitching at both.  It took a little longer, but they're also a little more precise, I think, for the extra time spent. 

Hmmm.  I just looked at my directional prints in the block on the left.  The camera caught direction where my eye never has.  Or, I would have been more careful.

I worked on this quilt.  I have over half the stars quilted.  I'm thinking about doing a meandering line with stars in it as an all over design in the blue sections.  I'm a little worried about doing too many stars and overplaying that hand.  We'll see.  maybe some fluffy cloud shapes instead. 

And, I hung the new valance in the sewing studio.  I use table runners here.  Four 12" blocks with sashing makes a perfect size.  The old valance was nice.  It was blue and yellow and really reflected a previous time in my quilting.  And, it was time for something new. 

These are four batik blocks I made in a BOM.  I dropped out after this.  I remembered why when I was hanging it the other day.  The shop is a nice shop and the lady that was running the BOM is a nice lady.  But, she couldn't write instructions for nothing.  And, it was so frustrating that I only made four.  But, now those four make a very nice runner or valance.  I'm loving it!  And, it's a great way to use up related orphan blocks. 

That represents another UFO down.  I am vey focused on UFO's and scraps right now.  With an occasional "new" project tossed in to keep me interested.  On Friday, my local shop was having a sale, an additional markdown on all their markdown fabrics, and I stopped for backs.  So, that will be two more quilts I can move forward.  I don't know where my quilting will take me.  But, I do know that somehow, it has to be related to finishing up some projects.

Everybody have a great Monday!!  Another new week.  And, what will happen?  We don't know.  So, there's something to look forward to.


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The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh! My friend made that Star Quilt, too. LOVE your version of it!!