It's tradition

The holiday traditions have begun.  And, as much as I complain about them, I do enjoy them...I must, or I really wouldn't go to all the trouble.  We saw a TV show last night where the family cook decided to take the holiday off and then found out she missed it (and didn't enjoy any of the other family traditions that happened outside the kitchen).  I'm sure I'd be the exact same way.

We had the annual feast, and after dishes were done, the annual nap of gratitude.  It's tradition. 

Of course, being who I am, we have to eat every bite of it...and we have.  I think there is a little bit of turkey left and some carrots.  I've learned to make a manageable amount so we don't get too tired of it and don't have to throw it away.  Last night, we had blackened fish, oven fries and a salad because that's about as far from Turkey and stuffing as I could get.  It worked out great!

Most of Friday, I took the day off.  Sydney gave me a really hard time because she and Rob were working and I wasn't doing anything...well, I was quilting, but she can't say that's anything or it might come across as a compliment or something, and she can't be seen doing anything like that, you know.  After all, she's 20.  Just kidding.  It was all in fun...she knows how hard I worked on Thursday and she only had to help do what she wanted to help do.  Anyway, they started the holiday decorating.  It's tradition.  They start on Friday and I rest and put away the good dishes.  It's tradition.  But, on Saturday, I'm up with them.  Saturday is swag day.  We hang a garland across the vaulted living room ceiling.  It's decorated with red ornaments and white lights.  It's beautiful.  It's a tremendous amount of work.  I used to stand on the ladder the whole time, but we've come up with a better idea...more about that later. 

I woke up this morning and started...swag-day, swag-day, swag-day...it's the worst day of the year.  And, Rob asked if taking-down-the-swag-day wasn't worse...and I said, taking-down-the-swag-day is the second worst day of the year.  And, we laughed.  Because I can't just enjoy anything.  I have to pretend to gripe about it.  I guess that's tradition, too. 

I'll do better pics when we're done, but for now, There are Santas on the mantle...it's tradition. 

Something happened in the village last night.  A massacre.  Or a cat.

Retroville at night.  Before 9:30 because a town like Retroville would have shut down after that. 

This is a new vignette.  The only thing that changed is the trailer.  Rob has the same trailer, without the tree on top.  With the other trailer, this stays up all year. 

Thursday evening, after all the dishes were done and Turkey sandwiches for dinner (it's tradition), I finished the little quilt needlepoint.  Now, I want to make this as a real quilt...loving the pattern.  I'm so glad I re-did it. 

Everybody have a great Saturday.  I have a little while to quilt, and then I need to get on that swag.  Because it's tradition.  Swag day, swag day...the worst day of the year.

Be well!  Lane



Swag day--hu--sounds like it really might be fun--at least once it is all done and you do have some help--I guess--for me what is worse is doing all the getting down of the decorations by myself and doing alllll the decorating by myself--and afterwards--taking it all done and putting it all away--by myself--but then I am the only one here--sooo-so one probably wonders why I do it then--cause of the one big word you used--tradition!!!
enjoy the moments, di

The Joyful Quilter said...

That needlepoint is beautiful. I think you really SHOULD make it as a "real" quilt!! It would be stunning.

Elle said...

Nothing like the tradition of good-natured grumbling. Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing. Mary