This weekend's project was triangles.  I had a half dozen baggies...and a drawer full.  It filled a very large basket.  And, on Saturday, while Rob built a set of shelves for the garage, I sorted and stacked triangles so I can use them. 

That was a lot of triangles.  And, that's not all.  I had apparently started sewing them together for something and I had a ton of them already pieced into squares.  I'm ironing them open and then will trim them to size and they'll be ready to use.  And, I have all the ones above, sorted and ready to use. 

That tin that isn't very orderly is actually the half square triangles left over from the Texas Braid quilt. 

This quilt is bricks, sewn into strips, and when I sewed them together, I cut the triangles off.  I ended up with a ton of them. 

And, they're already joined into strips.

So, I pin them together and then sew and press them open.  And, I trim them all from one direction.

And, then I trim them from the other.  That keeps me from having to reorient everything to change directions.  And, I end up with a little pile of half triangle squares.  There were 66 in this set and they took just over an hour.  Any that aren't good, like not enough contrast, or a sewing error go straight to the trash because these are the scraps of the scraps and it's not worth taking them apart to save one triangle. 

And, those turn into blocks.

The plan is to make multiple 6" blocks in different sizes of half triangle squares and then turn them into a quilt.  And, I'm going to do as much as I can as leaders and enders.  It will be a fun, long term project.  I've been working on my current l/e project for a while and there are a bunch of blocks made and I think it's ready to move to the next stage...except I don't know what the next stage is.   It's good to have a couple of l/e projects to alternate between. 

Okay, so that's it for me.  For some reason, Sydney and I are getting along really well.  Not sure what's going on.  Not looking that gift horse in the mouth.  Peace is peace and it's very peaceful around here.  And, there's laughing.  I love the laughing.  Everybody have a great day!  Lane

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Dot Wankat said...

You have very orderly work habits which is surely part of why you get so much done. You must also be very good about working diligently.

It was a good lesson to see how the red dominated and held that scrappy quilt together in your first picture.

Sydney must be feeling comfortable inside. You're right - laughing as a family is wonderful. What a nice time to treasure.

Like today, you usually end your posts on an encouraging note. Thanks for so many mornings of inspiration.