Oh, the chaos

First thing is that I worked from home yesterday, in this room, with all my quilting stuff and I wasn't distracted...okay, not too distracted. I was in a 3 hour conference call in the morning and I used that time to prep hexies to take on a trip next week. But, that hardly counts because I was still working, right? I was actively listening to what they had to say. I got some training. I shared some thoughts. I did all I was expected to do on a long conference call, plus a bit of fun for me.

Lot's of folks talk about what a prolific quilter I am. I thought I'd show you what that looks like behind the scenes.

You can see West of Paris, Texas on the right hand side, in the machine being quilted. And, you can see that pink quilt across the back of my chair, awaiting borders. But what else is going on?

Well, I decided that the pink quilt is too much work to send to Project Linus. I need easy quilts if I'm going to produce a quilt per month. That quilt has the potential to be really, really cute, but it's going to take some more work to do that. So, I've set it aside and think I might have someone I know that would like it. That meant I needed something else that would be really fast for my May Linus quilt.

I pulled out a bunch of 9" four patch blocks that I put together a while ago and started adding some sashing and squares and that's going to be the May Linus quilt. Easy, mostly pieced already, and cute. I have 13 ready and need 7 more to make a teenager sized quilt.

I can't keep this room cleaned up. I clean it and one project later, it looks like this again. If a mess is the sign of a creative person, I must be creative as all heck.

So, why was I working from home yesterday? Sydney had what I had last week. But the rat didn't feel as bad as I did and by 2:30, she was fine. I'm still coughing and sneezing from something I had a week ago. Every time I came out of the home office, I gave her a Spanish assignment and she did them without complaint. When I came out at 2:30, she was running around the back yard with the dog, so I gave her a huge Spanish assignment. So much that she didn't finish last night and will get to work on it some more tomorrow. We're going to get through the 7th grade...soon.

Take care and have a great Friday. Enjoy your weekend. If you see a man in the Houston airport next week sewing hexies together, it's likely me. I doubt there will be two of us.



Elizabeth said...

A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.

xo -E

P.S. That pink quilt is really cute.

sewfunquilts said...

We all have our sewing messes out like that.....most of us just don't have the courage to show others what it looks like. It's not bad, compared to mine....(and I'm not showing it...either.)

Unknown said...

I am so glad to see someone elses creative space look like a mess. I would hate to show you mine. Of course, I do get it cleaned up every once and a while - but then my closet is a mess!

What are you going to do with the hexis you are working on?

You will get passed 7th grade, but then there is 8th grade and then HIGH SCHOOL!!!

Paul said...

I wish I was going to be in the Houston Airport next week... I'd hunt you down, sit down next to you, and break out some hexies of my own.

I enjoy meeting other guys who quilt, it is such a rare experience.

Buenos Noches,

joseph said...

My room is a mess too, but it's all to do with the science course I'm taking:-( But I have been sketching ideas in-between 'working':-)

lw said...

I think it's harder to keep clean after we hit critical mass-- enough fabrics and ideas to be truly creative, but in a limited space it tends to be difficult to keep it neat.