Down to business

Sorry about not having any time to blog. Even for a busy person I have been especially busy this weekend. When we came back from vacation, I started rearranging in the sewing room and I'm still at it...a month and a half later.

Yesterday, i finished West of Paris Texas and this morning, set it out to dry, all pinned down to make it square and beautiful. I'm just teasing you with this picture because you know I'm not showing it anymore until the online quilt show next month. Just showing how I pinned it to the floor. and, what you see is the tall pins. Between each of them, there are 2 or 3 short pins. I spent 3 hours stretching and pinning this to the floor this morning, all perfectly square. It's on a sheet to keep it off the carpet and the sheet on top is to keep any cat hair from getting on it. So far, none of the animals have been interested, tho. Guess it's too prickly.

And, I painted 5 more kitchen cabinet doors. I think Rob and I are both ready for that to be done. He made a comment. I heard his comment and did not raise him one.

Today has been business. Home business. I hate doing home business. I do just enough "home business" to keep money in the checkbook, the bills paid, and all the utilities on. And then, about twice a year, I devote a whole day to it. Last time was in March when I filed my taxes. It's been about 6 months and the pile of envelopes was teetering. Filing had to be done. Record retention is vital. You know, important things, like proving the dog's had her rabies shot. Or the owner's manual for the fridge. Organizing the statements for my retirement so I can see the balance go down over time instead of all at once. Mail, mail, mail from everybody and their brother that needed to be kept or sorted through and part of it kept or that was disguised as important enough to keep, but not important enough to open and then when opened turned out to be another credit card offer. GO AWAY!

That, and I'm burning all the Merchant-Ivory Productions to DVD. TCM is running them all month to celebrate 50 years of the team of Ismail Merchant, James Ivory and Ruth Prawer-Jabvala and I love them. I hadn't seen the early work from the 60's filmed in India. I don't have time to watch them all, so burning them, and leaving them out so I can watch them over time.

I'm up to the 80's but skipped ahead to watch Maurice on Friday afternoon. Love that movie.

I'll tell about Sydney's game tomorrow. I'll tease you with both teams won.


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lw said...

My favorite was Heat and Dust. I took a look at the wiki and realized that there are a lot of early films that I missed, so I need to set my TIVO for Merchant Ivory.