What else did I work on?

So, what was I so patiently working on while Sydney was sewing across from me? I was working on this quilt. This is the September Linus quilt and I wanted to show what that pattern I picked last week looked like, quilted into the blocks.

These are a couple of the 12 inch blocks. I decided I didn't want to stretch my abstract flower pattern big enough to fill the blocks, so I put the flower in the center and leaves around it. I got three of the six 12 inch blocks quilted.

And, I got all eight of the 8 inch blocks quilted.

This is it from the back.

The thread is gray. It is not quilting thread and I'm not even sure it's sewing thread. It may be coned crochet thread. But, I got two huge cones with thousands of yards each for $5, so this is what I'm using it for. I think the weight is 20 or 30 weight. It doesn't seem as fine as my 40 weight crochet thread or as heavy as my 10.

On the green fabric, the gray thread looks kind of lavendar. I didn't think to lay the thread on the backing before I started, so that was kind of a surprise. But, it's not bad. Rob even liked it. So, this abstract flower pattern is now part of my stock of quilting patterns. Perfect for blocks.

I'll quilt lines in the sashing. I'm thinking about just doing free motion lines and not worrying about whether they're straight, but I think I'd have to do that pretty thick to make it make sense and this is a Linus, so thick, being the opposite of quick, is not likely.

I got several questions about the ribbon from yesterday's cloak post. I'll post about that tomorrow and talk about the machine and how I set that up, because the secret was truly in the setup.

Take care and have a great Tuesday.



Seraphinalina said...

I really like the way that turned out. It looks beautiful on the back. Well done.

Tammy said...

Hi Lane,
That quilting pattern looks fantastic on your quilt blocks. I was admiring your leaves as well. Your free motion quilting is superb! Do you draw the patterns on the fabric before quilting? My free hand sewing is not near that precise. Very, very well done!

Coloradolady said...

This is very pretty!!! Is all of this free hand? I guess I am going to have to just decide to one buy a machine I can quilt with and just jump in and try! You so inspire me....but I have little faith in my abilities!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the quilting, Lane! It is a beautiful pattern that suits this beautiful quilt.

xo -E

Michelle said...

Wow!!! Beautiful!

Marie said...

Lane, I so admire your quilting, I have been a quilter for many years but don't seem to be able to master this free motion quilting. Keep up the good work and I will watch what you do.
Right now, I am back in the cancer clinic, getting 4 more days of treatment, thank goodness there's a computer so I can read blogs like yours.