The quilt of misfit blocks

Remember the Island of Misfit Toys?

I'm sure I'm not the only one with a bag of misfit blocks. I know that Bonnie Hunter has one because I got the idea from her. They're a great resource for donation quilts. Quick and at hand.

These are the blocks from quilts that didn't get made and test blocks and rejects and some blocks I did for a tutorial on color combinations. Just some of this and some of that, all in pleasing colors. Even the tiny blocks set into the sashing and the three quarter square triangle cornerstones came out of the bag. Some of it had to be finished and some were cut blocks that never got assembled.

The light green sashing is leftover from a half dozen projects. Don't know why I bought so much, but even after I finish sashing and borders on this quilt, I'll still have over a yard left...and I know I've used this print as at least one quilt back, so I must have bought most of the bolt.

It's not quite long enough. I try to make my Linus quilts at least 60" long to accomodate older, taller kids. I'm going to add strips of 3" blocks, alternating dark/light along the top and the bottom, with some more sashing and finish up with some green borders. Cheerful, cheerful. That's what Linus quilts are all about.

The smoke from the local fires is settling in around us, now that the wind has died down. There's a haze in the air and for the first time, I could smell smoke on my way into the office. Many of us are coughing and I know that's what it is. I started to have a tickle in my throat on the way in this morning. One of my co-workers brother lost his house and her Dad lost his business. 9 employees of Rob's company lost their homes. And, the fires are still burning. I think I've gotten immune to the constant pictures of devastation, smoke and flames. It's wierd to know this crisis is happening all around us, but we come to work and live out our normal days. Wierd.

Take care. Have a great Wednesday. Lane


Seraphinalina said...

Wow, how sad. I can imagine how you become immune, it's that or it swallows you up.

Beautiful quilt. My mom took a quilting class when I was born, she did a different technique for each block. It's beautiful and I love it. Something about the mixing of blocks in your Linus quilt reminds me of how I loved each of those blocks for being different.

Sharon said...

Lane, you have inspired me to dig into my misfit blocks for a cuddle quilt for BQG's donation. I wanted two for the upcoming meeting.. Maybe there is hope .. Praying for rain for Texas. I remember when I lived in Florida and we had those crazy fires all along the eastern coast.. God Bless.. great sewing../quilting..

Coloradolady said...

I really love this top, very nice! Stay safe....and alert. Hoping for rain soon!

Callie Brady said...

Hoping for rain, rain and more rain for Texas to put out all those terrible fires. Love the quilt!