On the lighter side

Oh, what a heavy week it's been. So much at the top of my mind. So much thinking. A black hole, ready to suck me in. So, today, I'm going to focus on the good stuff.

First good thing is my new clothespin bag. I needed one. Not that I hang my clothesline very often, but, just keeping everything together was a problem in my sewing room. I needed a package. I looked at several patterns on the internet and they ranged from way too basic to way too cute-sie. What I wanted was plain and functional. So, I sat down with pen and paper one morning and this is what I ended up with. It's very functional, but it could be a bit cute-sier, eh? It's also not quite deep enough. I'd like it to be 3' deeper. But, I might not want that three extra inches bad enough to remake it. If I don't remake, I'm going to add two button holes and two red buttons to keep the front closed when not in use.

And, I wanted to show you guys that have been encouraging me so to use my dishcloths that I am. Here's the first one in use. Rob says he won't touch it for fear of staining it. I warned Sydney that the first time I saw her aim it at something red or dark brown...

But, it is more durable than I thought it would be. Holds up well. It's heavy, but it dries fast. Doesn't stain easily. All in all, I'm happy and am ready to put another one into rotation.

Last good thing is today's visit with the periodontist. I want my tooth back. I really miss it. And, we're supposed to be able to do the next step soon. I'm ready. But, I'm also having a bit of pain on the other side, where he did the second bone graft and I'm ready for him to make that go away.

Tonight is Sydney's game against their toughest opponents. This is the team that actually roughed the girls up in last year's basketball game. Thank goodness volleyball is a no contact sport. I hope it goes well. The game is all the way across town, so there's no avoiding 5 oclock traffic, but Rob and I are going to meet early and have dinner, so I'll only catch the very beginning of it.



Becky said...

Love the clothespin bag! I fashioned one myself back in the day using scrap fabrics and 30 years later it's still in use. It's not nearly as savvy as yours! Think the red buttons is a great idea. Give a cheer for Sydney from me!!

lw said...

I understand about the reluctance to use something you've made. It is good to see it used for its intended purpose, though.

Love the clothespin bag, but I live near a refinery, so hanging clothes here is not an option (unless I want to smell really strange.)

Piece by Piece said...

Love your clothespin bag. I should make myself a new one, the one in use at the present time is a bit ratty. It gets lots of use Ii the warmer weather months because I hang my clothes out every week.
I have just purchased some cotton yarn to knit some dish cloths, they are great aren't they.
Hope the games goes well.

Coloradolady said...

I can not tell you how many clothesline bags I have had. They all fall apart. Most likely my fault, I leave them on the line too!! Yours is really nice....I like it!

I am like you and the cloths. I wanted to make some but feared I would not want to use them so I did not even make any. You have inspired me to give it a good try!!

Have fun at the game....tell Sydney Good Luck!!

qltmom9 said...

I hang TONS of laundry...enough that we got a pricey line to last (30$!), and the last bag I made was made out of an old nylon shower curtain so I could leave it out in the summer. It will last. The Amish here make their bags out of polyester doubleknit and in the shape of Amish dresses with a piece of polyknit white for an apron in the front. They are so cute!