Flower pics

 There's not much going on in the studio except work, but there are a lot of garden pics to share.  I'm putting together a shirt.  I found some inexpensive shirting to test my newly resized pattern on and it's coming out great...except the collar.  The neck opening in the pattern is too large, so the collar stand had to have a couple inches added to it, which meant the collar was very small.  I had to pick up an extra quarter yard of fabric this weekend to cut a new collar.  I'll also cut some extra parts of the  yoke and front to create a muslin and resize the pattern.  While it's not the fun part of shirt making, it is the fun part of pattern altering.  

The daylilies started to bloom this week.  With the Iris in bloom, it's quite the show in the sunny part of the garden.  

I also put together some pots.  This is the Japanese Maple I bought myself last week.  It's definitely the most expensive plant I ever bought, so it got the good flower pot.  This is the shadiest part of the yard now and there are several cobalt blue pots full of shade lovers over here that will be arranged around this tree.  

I also did this pot with a yellow broom and some sweet potato vines.  This should be really pretty soon.  The pot is red and about 2' tall, so this should make a striking specimen.  

And, this pot with a snake plant, some dusty miller cuttings and variegated vines.  This one is going to take longer to grow into itself, but it should be pretty when it gets there.  

Rob's birthday was Friday, so we spent the weekend celebrating him.  There were flowers and cake and Syd came for dinner and we had his favorite meal and there were gifts and lots of laughter.    

Sometimes the best birthday present is a childhood memory.  We both remember soldiers like these.  

Tonight, we're bouncing back to my birthday.  Rob gave me tickets to see Patty Lupone tonight.  We're both excited.  I don't remember the last time we did anything that didn't start til 8pm.  It should be a fun night and we've both taking tomorrow morning off to recover.  

Everybody have a great week!  Find something you love and make time to do it.  



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Thanks for sharing. Mary

Dot said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the concert this evening.

Your planters already look good. It's wonderful that you have the warmth aleady for your flowers and plantings to look so appealing.