Real summer begins

I can feel the cool days of spring coming to an end.  Each day, it gets hot a little earlier and the mosquitoes get a little more plague-like and the air feels a little more dry, and the time I can spend outside working on big projects gets a little shorter.  

We're making good progress on the greenhouse as we race to get that finished before it's too hot to work on it.  Here's a picture after the first coat of paint.  Rob and his sprayer are doing a fantastic job.  We're painting the greenhouse to match the house and hopefully, we'll be ready to replace the roof soon.  Then, we can paint the floor and after that has a chance to harden, I can start moving back in again.  

This is the before picture, after we'd washed everything down and caulked all the crevices.  Rob let me do the caulking.  I'm sure it was because it's only a greenhouse and doesn't matter, but still, it was enough that I got to really practice and learned to control the gun and get that fine line of caulk that just fills the space I'm trying to fill.  I confess to missing the bright green paint, but I'm sure I'll love the gray just as much when I get a few things back in there and it becomes a neutral background for my plants.  

Yesterday, we made plans for the shelving we'll put back in to hold plants.  Shelving has been a problem as long as I've had a greenhouse.  We kept trying to piece-meal it, using scraps and store-bought.  But, this time, it will be all customer shelving, designed to fit my needs and hold the things I need held.  I'm definitely looking forward to that.  

There were several new flowers this week.  I believe this one is called Peaches.  No questions about why, right?

And, we can't remember the name of this one.  I thought I knew what it was, but when I tried to look it up, I was definitely wrong.  

The plumbago put out its first flowers.  I just love the particular shade of blue that these flowers bloom.  I don't grow a lot of blue flowers.  I guess there aren't that many available, 

Last week, we found out that Syd didn't have any shorts that were appropriate for going out with 60 year old men to have dinner, so there was more clothes shopping.  I'm getting tired of that, but her clothes limited the places we could go as a family.  She bought two dresses.  Sydney is not a dress girl, so when she found dresses she was interested in, I jumped all over that bandwagon.  Yesterday, her boyfriend took her out for a nice lunch to celebrate her new job and she got to wear one of them.  Finding clothes that she likes and that fit her well is hard work, but the payoff is beautiful.

I want to leave you with a thought for the week.  

"Until a drag queen walks into a school and beats eight kids to death with a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, I think you're focusing on the wrong shit" ---Wanda Sykes

Drag queens are not the problem.  Trans kids are not the problem.  Uptight assholes that are afraid they'll enjoy sex ARE the problem.  It's only made worse by the fact they can buy a gun easier than a sex toy.  

Everybody have a great week!  Enjoy the season, wherever you are!  Unless you're in Florida, in which case You in danger, girl!  Run!



Suzanne said...

Lane, you’re funny! And correct.

Sydney looks great. You and Rob are doing some hard work at parenting. I’m impressed! Though I suppose I’m not surprised because you both seem to work hard and do well at so many other aspects of life :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Syd looks lovely. Rob could wire up the shed and Syd would have a little place of her own. Mini homes are quite common.
Thanks for sharing. Mary

Terri in BC said...

Truer words could not be spoken. My ex-husband made some disparaging comments on Facebook recently, and I had to shut him down. Our 14-year-old grandson has two very close friends who are transgender, once has identified as a boy since kindergarten and the other since Grade 3. That shut him up quickly. Lucky for us, Canada seems to be more accepting of LGBTQ persons, but our area does seems to have a growing population of less tolerant persons. so far, the accepting people are keeping the mouthpieces from gaining power politically.