Another Baby quilt

Okay, that day I didn't post is lost. No way to make it up, no matter how early I start. We spent 5 hours yesterday finishing up the science project and between that and a little cooking, and a little cleaning, and a little quilting, I was pooped! Too pooped to log in and make another entry.

But, I was going to show this baby quilt. This one was made for Rob's nephew, David. It's handquilted as well. This was the first time I pieced a back. I've found out it's much easier to do this when machine quilting because I can piece the back as I do the ditchwork on the front. I get straighter lines that way, but this one worked out pretty good. If I remember right, I spent a lot of time trying to get it just square before I started quilting.

I spent as much time quilting yesterday as I could. On the apple themed quilt, I got all four corners and the next to last border finished. Took me hours to pull all those tiny pieces of parchment that I used to mark, but it looks really good. I started drawing the pattern for the final border. It's a branch covered with apples, apple blossoms and leaves. Each branch begins as half of a V in the corner and extends to the middle of the border where it will meet the tip of another branch that finishes the side. It's going to be busy, but totally in theme. I had a hard time walking away mid-drawing last night and kept just sitting down to draw one more leaf...and then one more.
Y'all take care and have a great Monday. It's going to be a busy day for me, I'm sure. Lane


Piece by Piece said...

Love the baby quilt. I was told a couple of weeks ago that there is going to be a new baby in our family in March. Another excuse to start a new quilt,(who needs an excuse)!! We should know within a week or so if it will have to be pink or blue, so going to wait until then to decide what pattern etc.
Have a good Monday,

Shirleymac said...

Very nice Lane. Your quilting is fantastic!

Barb said...

Love the baby quilt!!!

Becky said...

You do great hand quilting! That's a beautiful quilt!

oldbatt said...

What a beautiful baby quilt and I love the pieced back. I like to do that when I don't have quite enough backing and I do a "racing" stripe right down the middle to make it big enough. Great work Lane. Lisa