Resting...at the office

Fortunately, the work I get paid for is not as hard as the work I don't get paid for. So, I go to work to get some rest from the rest of my life. I wanna keep it that way.

We did get finished with the cleaning and everything is back in its place. We ended up doing a good bit in Sydney's room yesterday, much to her consternation. Fortunately, Rob and I were both in a good mood and had many good laughs at our outlandish responses to questions like "Why do we have to clean MY room? It's my space, I should get to keep it how I like it. Can I go watch TV?" Funny, she was more than willing to help clean the rest of the house, but when it came to her space, she didn't want to participate at all. "Aw, shucks, ma'am, but it's a fire hazard in here."

On a quilting note, I got that dresden star that was laid across the sofa in a pic a couple of days ago mounted to a background and the whole thing sandwiched and started hand quilting the center. I need projects I can do while we watch TV in the family room. If I don't have something like that, I spend all my time in the sewing room, which isn't good for the family.

But, I think I can get away with the sewing room tonight. After three days of complete togetherness, there's nothing really left to talk about. We'll have to go our own ways until things happen to us that we can share. Last night, it was just resting and conversation was not required.

Housework caught up. Kid's homework caught up. Now, just a little more work-work and that will be caught up, too. Ahh, there's a song in my heart and a skip in my step. Lane


Barb said...

Life back to normal.....

Coloradolady said...

funny how work at home can be so tiring...then back to work we go to rest!

Thanks for letting me know how your liked the soup....tell Rob that comment just warmed my heart! So glad you liked it. Have a great day....you have really done well too with a post every day. Way to go!

Shirleymac said...

You sound so much better than you did last week Lane. A few days off did you good. I'm so glad.