Vintage Thingies Thursday - Two quilts

Same pattern. It's VTT again, sponsored by my friend Suzanne. Today, I'm going to show you two of my vintage quilts. Yes, these have a story, too.

The first quilt came down through my Mom's family. As far back as I can remember, we've had this one and a similar quilt that I showed recently that had turquoise backing and sashing. This one is thankfully in much better shape than the turquoise one, but it does have a worn spot in the center from being folded there too often. Babies played on it, picnics were had on it and it was much loved all my life.

This next quilt is the same pattern, but fewer blocks, and less of them for about the same sized quilt. This quilt is sashed in brown and backed in a beautiful blue print. It came down from my Dad's family. It's in very good condition with almost no wear.

All three are from the same quilt pattern, and only differ in size of the squares and size of the blocks. My Mom also made a quilt using this pattern for my sister and she used 4 inch squares and fewer squares to the same sized block. These three quilts all have the same utility quilting (parallel L shapes that start as big as the block in one corner and get smaller and smaller as they travel toward the opposite corner, traveling diagonally through the squares). I know that at least two different makers worked on them, plus my Mom, but all the quilters are from the same area in Northern Louisiana. I have not studied the pattern and can't name it and I don't know anything about that particular utility quilting. But, I think it shows how patterns and ideas were shared among quilters in a region. I wonder how many quilts in this pattern are still out there in that area?

Now, we have such an abundance of patterns and fabrics, we rarely make the same pattern as someone we know, unless it's a special challenge or event. But, I think these were all made independently. I wish I knew more about the people that made them. I'm sure they're from the 30's-50's, but that's about all I know. Despite all the vintage quilts I own, I haven't really done much studying. But, I do love to appreciate them. They've been stored away so long, it was a real treat to bring them out this weekend and get to see them and refold them all. I try to refold every 6 months or thereabouts. And, I'm always looking for different ways to fold them to alternate the fold lines (half, half and half again... third, half, third... third, third, half...) I've gotten very creative about how many times and where to fold and I fold them all just alike. I want them to continue to inspire me for a long time.

Okay, that's my post. Have a great Thursday and we'll see ya round blogland. I'm off to the dentist. yippee... Lane


Postcardy said...

I think the old quilts like yours with a big variety of materials are more interesting than the color co-ordinated quilts that have been made in more recent times.

Maureen said...

Quilts just boggle my mind. Not only do I not have the skills but I know for sure that I would never have the patience. They really are artworks.

Riet said...

Beautiful quilts Lane. And yesterday's Quilt was also so beautiful.
Have a nice day

Becky said...

Great quilts. There was an article in a quilting mag a few years back on folding quilts to store....I can't remember exactly, but it was like corner to corner someway. Or maybe it was like an envelope. It was in Quilters Newsletter.

Have a great day!

Coloradolady said...

These are just beautiful and the same, yet different look. I love these and the style. I wish I could find one in this pattern in very good condition...these scrap quilts just speak "home" to me. You have some really great quilts Lane, full of vintage goodness....I especially love that black fabric with what looks like dandelions in the first quilt.

Have a great fall weekend and a wonderful VTT!

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh, they're both such beautiful quilts, and I enjoyed looking at all of the different fabrics that went into the making of them! What great family heirlooms, and works of art!
Happy VTT!

Quiltluver said...

How interesting that you have the same quilt patterns passed down from different sides of the family. What a wonderful treasure. Just beautiful. Karen

Debbie said...

Pretty quilts, the pattern is great. I especially like the fabrics in the second one.

Shirleymac said...

I love vintage quilts. You're so lucky to have them. I know you're never supposed to fold a quilt exactly in half. It weakens the threads. If you fold it in thirds then there's less chance of folding on the same line each time. The very best thing to do is to roll around some sort of tube. Maybe those noodles the kids use to swim? I'd cover it in a sheet first though.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading about your gorgeous family quilts..they remind me of my huge crocheted granny squares blanket. I have a few vintage quilts folded on top a vintage trunk in my bedroom..i love to look & admire them daily.

iNdi@ said...

those old quilts are lovely.

at the Pioneer Women's Museum in Tumbarumba, Australia, they store their quilts on rolls that then slot into butcher's hooks at either end and are suspended on chains
hard to describe in words but essentially two long chains hang about 6 feet apart and the rolled quilts make a kind of ladder effect in between

saves folding, but i guess it depends on how wide your quilts are
[and whether you want to have chains hanging about the house!]

knutsel Rein said...

These are both beautiful!

Vesuviusmama said...

How neat to have two such similar quilts come from two sides of your family. That fascinates me.