Next step, a computer for Sydney

Today must be computer day. I've spent the last 5 hours so far. On my laptop, adding and filing a thousand pictures from the old computers and I still have a disk left to do. And, then to the old 'puter that we're giving Sydney to move the last pics off it, free up some space, delete some software, get it all set up and running as fast as that poor old thing will go...no internet access, tho. he-he-he (my dastardly dick laugh).

Now, I'm going to get her started cleaning out her cabinets. If work is good for the soul, then her soul is good. For a little while at least.
I'll leave you with an old quilt. My Mom made this quilt for me. I was never too young to appreciate a good quilt. I'd say I was about 10? (Mom, do you remember? I'm sure it was the 70's) This was from the quilting revolution. The dresden plates are all pointed as stars and appliqued to the muslin. It's backed with muslin as well and machine quilted in a grid. She did really nice work. It came through the wash very well the other day. Doesn't get washed often, but this weekend, we washed all that could stand it and vacuumed the rest. I love this old quilt, but it is too fragile to use. I get to enjoy it twice a year when it gets refolded.
Y'all take care. Tired Lane


Becky said...

Another great quilt, Lane! Thanks for sharing.
Hope you can take a rest now.

Coloradolady said...

This is beautiful! I just love the colors. Your mom did a wonderfu job, how great you have it to enjoy! Happy Monday!!

Barb said...

Lovely quilt but the memories are even better.

Hazel said...

Love this quilt you are so lucky to have quilts that have been passed down .

Quiltluver said...

Beautiful quilt. What a treasure!