Where did all these babies come from???

Okay, the other day, I said I was adding a thousand pictures from the old computer. I wasn't kidding. There were 1059 on a disk. So, I have a ton of pics to show that I haven't had access to for a while. Many were duplicates, like the 159 from Cmas 2004...yeah, we take a lot of pictures at the holidays. Anyway, I found all these pictures of quilts I forgot I'd made, so now I'm sharing them. I also found a lot of patterns I'd scanned for quilts I'd like to make. Maybe I'll show pics of those quilts later...if I ever get around to them.

This is another baby quilt where I pieced the back. It was made all from scraps that I don't know where they came from. I'm pretty sure that I folded the back over to make a binding instead of the separate, french fold binding I use now.

For today's quilting, I'm making the templates for the borders on the apple themed quilt. I just finished drawing it and now I'm making the 9 perforated copies that I'll pin to the quilt and quilt through. I'll be very glad to finish that quilt. It's been a ton of quilting.
Y'all take care and have a great Tuesday. Despite what today's first meeting was like, I'm determined to have a good day. Whistle while you work... Lane


Coloradolady said...

THis is so very cute..how fun to see all your old pics....but I can imagine that was time consuming.....love the back of this quilt Lane, it is really nice.

Becky said...

This is really cute! Hope your day is going well!!

Barb said...


oldbatt said...

Love that back too! I just sent out an order to print 362 pictures and that is just what is currently on the camera. If I don't print them I am afraid that technology will leave them behind some day like 8 track tapes, cassettes, Beta and VHS! Have a good one! Lisa