The quilts that didn't ribbon

These are some of the beautiful quilts that didn't ribbon at the quilt show. Just because a quilt didn't ribbon doesn't mean it wasn't a beauty.

I didn't understand the name on this one and didn't get to the write-up to see how she got the name, but I'm sure it meant something.

Soft Yellow Only by Barbara Jarman, quilted by Chris McCaskill

I loved the next quilt very much. It just spoke to me. I want very much to make a winding ways quilt and I just finished Jennifer Chiaverinni's book by the same name. The darker fabric is a musical instrument fabric, mostly stringed instruments and since Rob is learning to play the guitar, I'd love to get my hands on a couple of yards of it. The quilt is a beauty and all her circles were perfect.

Winding Ways by Marilyn Posluszny

This was a kit quilt and everyone just oohed and aahed. We loved it. Now that I know it was a kit, I may try to find it to make for the family.

Traveling Route 66 by Mary Jane Thorp

Of course, I also love this drunkard's path quilt. She did a great job on her circles and there was plenty of variety to keep the viewer interested, even though our photo is kind of murky.

Blue Moon by Duchess Roberts

Okay, so that's all our favorite quilts. There were to star quilts that I didn't get the name or makers name on, so I'm not showing. Hope you've enjoyed this little look at a small guild show. This guild put on the first show that our family attended. And, that year, a man made the best of show quilt, which was a Dear Jane. One of this year's big winners was also a Dear Jane, so all of you that are out there working on that pattern, keep going. They keep winning.

Y'all have a great Wednesday. We'll see ya' round the net. Lane


Riet said...

All good quilts Lane and to me they all deserve an award because they made them with love.
Have a nice day

Hazel said...

Thanks for sharing there beautiful

Coloradolady said...

Oh, these are all so beautiful...I can not even imagine trying ANYTHING with a circle....regular blocks are a challenge enough for me...LOL

Shirleymac said...

Beautiful. I like the winding ways quilt as well. After some of the quilts you've made lately you wouldn't have a problem with curves. I wouldn't even attempt it.

Vesuviusmama said...

Thanks again for sharing. You know, I find that after nearly every quilting fiction book I read, I want to make a quilt of that name. I'm very prone to suggestion, I guess. Do you think those books impact the kinds of quilts being made when they are released?