The Great Cleveland Shop Hop pictures

I'm HOME! I know it was only two days, but they were a work filled two days, so I was really glad that I got to enjoy my little shop hop. The other highlight was our Weds nite event, which was a double elimination pool tournament that my team won. There were some funny rules meant to make the game go faster, but pool is pool and even though it had been years and years (and years) since I'd played, I was an asset to the team...well, I made the first few shots and got cocky and started missing, but after I gave myself a little talking to, I was able to focus and make some more shots.

Anyway, if you missed my post about the shop hop, here's a link that talks about the stores I went to: hop. The top row is the fat quarter bundle I picked up in all browns. I'm wondering if I want to make an all brown quilt, which would certainly be fun to find a pattern that would show up even though I used just one color, or if I want to add some other fabrics to them and make something. Either way, I don't want to just add them to the stash. I want to keep them separate. The next row is the half yard cuts I picked up and plan to make a quilt from. And, the pattern is there, too. Now, what to do with the pattern??? The quilt store owner, that made the inspiration, made it all out of batiks and it was beautiful, so I might do the same thing and use the collection of fabrics to make a different pattern. Her mistake? See the black diamonds? She accidentally left those out, so it was all 6 pointed stars. Yummy! Decisions, decisions; making decisions is half the fun of quilting, right? I know that Bonnie Hunter is posting a new mystery for cmas in red, green, gold, and neutral and these fabrics would be great for that even though I had looked forward to using scraps to make Bonnie's pattern in the spirit of her work. But, with all the WIP's I have, there's no need to make these decisions right now.

This next picture is what I'm calling an accidental quilt. It's all remnants and random fat quarters that I picked up here and there over a couple of months. I piled them up waiting to serge and wash and realized that what I'd collected would make a really nice little quilt. Now that I look at the picture, the colors aren't quite as vibrant as they look here, and they go better together than this photo shows. Haven't decided what to make, but again, I plan to bag them together for a future quilt. Wouldn't they make a cute baby quilt? I love primary colored baby quilts.

Okay, so that looks like everything I'll need to make quilts in 2010. We'll see if I can actually stick to this. Maybe '10 is my year to stick with my "no buy". Wouldn't that be sweet!

Y'all take care and have a great Friday. I have a very busy Friday at work planned to try to get through the hundreds of emails that I got over the last few days while I was out of pocket. I tried to read as many as I could in the hotel room, but really, who can work all the time? I'd be a very dull boy indeed. And, we can't have that now, can we. Lane


Becky said...

Wonderful selections! Looking forward to seeing your decisions! haha

Auntie Em said...

Really like your choices. That pattern is unlike anything I've ever seen before.
So, how are you liking "Glee"? Still watching? I find it one of the most refreshingly creative shows on TV. I really enjoy it.

Quiltluver said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed hearing about your shop hop and seeing your purchases.

DeAnna said...

Love all of your finds. Shop Hop is such fun. The Atlanta one is the middle of March....can't wait. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Mistea said...

Now I'm thinking this now buy for an entire year could be a bit boring. Have fun with your fabrics, I like the idea of a baby quilt from those brights.