The long, hard day

Whew! Finally, it's over. I got a call as I was walking out the door yesterday that I needed to do a tremendous amount of work by end of day today. Work that normally takes 3-4 days to complete. But, I had a second cup of coffee this morning and I put my mp3 player on and I danced in my desk chair and I actually finished. The lady that made that unrealistic, last minute request said I was her favorite person today. I know it couldn't be helped. No one knew they were going to need this stuff so quick. But, now, I'm a tired puppy. Thank goodness Rob is cooking supper tonight. All I'll have to do is help Sydney with homework and then I can go to bed!

I just wanted to share something about yesterday's post. I knew the quilting I showed was going to disappear. I planned it to. Most of the quilting I pulled out early in the project was because I used contrasting thread and didn't like it. I actually prefer when I do that level of detailed quilting and it disappears into the fabric. It's there if you look close, but for everybody else that doesn't really have an appreciation of the work that goes into that kind of quilting, the fabrics can still jump out. If I'd done all that in a contrasting color, I'd lose the beauty of the fabrics I picked. It's also why I don't do the tiny background filler patterns on anything but whole cloth quilts. If I do that on patchwork, it takes over. I'd rather the patchwork show up than the quilting.

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Take care and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. Lane

Oh, btw, a friend that I met in blogland really did something nice for Sydney and while it would probably embarass her for me to say who and what, I wanted to let her know publicly that I really appreciated it. You have a really big heart! And, you know who you are. lw


Barb said...

Hope you get some rest...

haven't seen you by my blog for the quilt I am giving away.....maybe if you find a minute?

Becky said...

hope you can get a good night's sleep. You deserve it!

Coloradolady said...

Get some rest Lane....you deserve it....maybe Rob will do the dishes too!!!

There are many great friends in Blogland....and you are one of them!!

Have a great day!