I can see the finish line!

I couldn't resist a little quilting last night, so I had Sydney do her reading aloud in the sewing room while I sat at the machine making repairs to my quilting on Apple Pi. Only had to ask her to speak up once. We are reading the best book! I can't wait to find out what happens next.

The long jog to finish Apple Pi is almost over. I can finish the quilting in no more than 3 hours. Then, there's cleanup (you know, the hunt with a magnifying glass for dangling threads). I'm also going to try to run over it with one of those sticky lint brushes to see if it will help me find those long threads that the quilter never sees, but are always found when you're showing off the piece under a bright light. When I had to walk away this morning, I spread it out on the sewing table and set the light just above one edge so all the texture would show up. Can't wait to share that picture with you guys. Finish the quilting and get it bound and I'll be done!!! Yeah!!

I was found on facebook by an elementary school friend the other day. Wow, that goes back a long way. We were in school together from first grade until 9th grade. She was a beautiful girl and looks fantastic. Made me feel old. My high school sweetheart's daughter was on the homecoming court this year. (No, she never knew I had a crush in high school. She married a boy she's dated since before I met her. I had to settle for just good friends. Wonder if things would have turned out differently...hmmm...nah, probably not.) That also made me feel old. So, I dressed up in my best cowboy clothes and boots for work today. Hey, look pretty, feel pretty, right?

From Sydney's math book: If Maria bought 5 1/4 yards of material and made a dress that took 3 1/8 yards, how much material did she have left? Sydney's answer? 2 1/8 yards. My answer? None...she quickly added it as the perfect border for a quilt she had in progress. (Have you ever found that you wear colors at the same time you're using them in a quilt? I sure have.)

Y'all have a great Friday. I have to leave work early because our neighbors, who keep Sydney between the time the bus drops her off and the time Rob gets home, are out of pocket today. I plan to use the extra time at my sewing machine. Maybe I'll even be able to talk Sydney into reading so we can get that out of the way so we can watch TV tonight. Rob would appreciate that. See ya'. Lane


Auntie Em said...

Such a good feeling to get to the finish line on a quilt. Congratualtions! I know you put a lot of time and effort into every step on this quilt.
Now, please tell us the name of that fascinating book! LOL!

Becky said...

Now THAT's Math like I like it!!! hahaha Have a wonderful evening, Lane.