The Greenhouse

Today, I want to show off the Greenhouse Rob built me a couple years back. This was our second try. The lower structure is from the original, but he redesigned the roof for me when we found that the previous slanting roof structure wasn't tall enough. So, when hail went right through that almost flat roof, I asked him to give me more slope and more space to hang things from the ceiling and give them the maximum light. In the winter, you can't get through because we pack it with all the outside potted plants that will fit. We put a heater out here and when the temp is going to drop below freezing, all the plants stay toasty warm. And, every spring, the detritus from that overwintering has to be cleaned out. That's what I did last weekend.



from the back. This is my little plant nursing station where I can put things that I've just potted up or plants that aren't doing very well for one reason or another. It's also where I'm going to store the lawn and leaf refuse bins and my composter, when I get it back into production.

This is what it looks like today inside the fence. Still some more cleaning up to do, but I'm getting there.

And, these are the shoes that Rob designed for Sydney. See, they have her name near the heel. He gave them to her at the dance the other night and she said the other kids thought they were "awesome".

Okay, so that's all that's going on for today. I'm making my list of things I need to pick up over the weekend and I got a really nice set of coupons for JoAnn's, so might have to drift through there for a few minutes. Other than that, I hope to rest and relax. Now that the greenhouse is cleaned up, I might even go out there and sit with coffee and fingerwork early one morning. That should p.o. the mosquitoes, who have gotten used to a regular meal every morning when I go out to water.
Take care and have a great Friday. Lane


lesthook said...

I love your greenhouse! Would love to have one myself. And Sydney's shoes are really cute!

Becky said...

The greenhouse is great... but as a purple lover myself, I'm gaga over the shoes! I know Rob designed them....but how did they appear? Does he make shoes? I'm curious and just a tad envious!! :)
Have a great weekend!

vivian said...

That's a great greenhouse!! I've got an old one I want to re-do this summer. What kind of heat do you use?

Elizabeth said...

Your greenhouse is really amazing. I'm just a teensie bit jealous (lol). Gardening is such a therapeutic hobby. I love it and I love to see how other people enjoy it too.

Sydney's shoes are rockin'!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I'm envious of your greenhouse. (in theory since we have established I'm not a gardener )

Maybe if I had a greenhouse I'd enjoy it more?

Sydney's shoes are terrific!

Piece by Piece said...

Your greenhouse is a lot tidier and cleaner than mine. Puts me to sham, so tomorrow guess what I will be doing, yes, cleaning my greenhouse.
The shoes are fantastic.

lw said...

I like the greenhouse. I didn't realize the winters in Austin got that cold. They don't here, here I had to work to find plum and blackberries that would set fruit with less than 400 hours of chill.

The shoes are great!

Sunshine said...

Rob builds greenhouses and shoes? How does he make shoes?? That's pretty cool - and the greenhouse looks totally cozy, like it would be lovely to work in there... My great-grandmother had a greenhouse (it was all glass, I think), and yours reminds me of it.

Vesuviusmama said...

I absolutely LOVE your greenhouse! Between the two of you, is there anything you CAN'T make!?!