I was very good

Yesterday was almost a bust. After the quilt show was called on account of rain, we sat around glumly. Did a little cleaning, did a good bit of quilting. Rob left in the rain to get Chinese for lunch and came back in the sunshine...what's up with that???
So, here's what I picked to work on. This was a little quilt I pieced a couple years ago. I was making quilts for a charity to sell in a booth and loved how this one was shaping up, so I pieced two. Yesterday, I got it quilted and sewed the last of the binding this morning. I quilted a pattern of overlapping leaves and did a rope and some echoed lines in the border. Cute. Finished. One more UFO bites the dust!

But, I was stir-crazy, so we got out. Went to the quilt store for thread and to enjoy the 3rd Saturday sale on a couple of neutrals and another light batik to add to Rob's collection (that he won't pick a pattern for) and I bought another of those Moda packs of 5" squares. This time in Christmas fabrics. I'm going to cut them for another drunkard's path for the holiday season. I know, I know. Probably not a good quilt pattern name for a holiday quilt, but that pattern is just so perfect for those packs of nickel squares and it shows off the prints very well and I like to keep a finger work project going.

Then, we went to half-price books and Sydney and I competed to see who could buy the most pages. Yes, I won by a mere half inch and yes, those oversize books are quilting books. I got a newer edition of Harriet Hargraves' Heirloom Machine Quilting, a book on 9-patch quilts by Cyndi Hershey, Amish Inspired Quilts with a Piece'o cake twist by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins, and Sally Collins' book Mastering Precision Piecing. And, I got a book on mourning quilts...okay, I didn't know it was about mourning quilts. It is named Quilts to Soothe the Soul. I was thinking relaxing, not healing, but I'm fascinated by the presentation and intend to read it through.
The other books? Almost everything Emilie Richards ever wrote...hey if she can read my blog, I can read her books. And, everything Jane Austen wrote because I recently saw the movie "Jane Austen Book Club" and now I want to read her books. I know. All "chick" books. Fortunately, Sydney's books are all about magicians, and witches and fairies and ghouls and monsters, so I'll have some variety in my reading.
Today? Chores. Starting with working my ebay account to try to sell some of this junk! I posted my first item last week and got a bid on it. Not trying to get rich, but I have some stuff I don't love anymore that's too good to go to Goodwill. I'm hoping I can learn the secret and move it on to people that will love it again like I did when I got it.
And, life goes on.
Take care and have a great day. Lane


lw said...

I love the finished UFO-- rich colors! Our Topanga Canyon fiddle contest looks like it'll be under misty June gloom; we're still going, but I wish it was sunny.

Elizabeth said...

Glad the day wasn't a total wash for you. Hooray for your finish. That quilt is lovely! Next time the Mister and I go to the used book store I'm definitely checking out the quilting section.

Trish said...

Half-Price Books is my favorite store....unfortunately, I only get to one when we visit my parents-they live in Indiana and we live in Minnesota.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Did you say Half Price books? I'm so there ! I love books ....

Glad the day held some joy, and it looks like you achieved a lot as usual. By the way ...I LOVE ebay.

wordmama said...

I went to half price books, too, on Friday. I found a huge book (11X17 I'd guess) of Quilt Designs from Vintage Quilts by Pepper Cory. It has quilting patterns in full size to trace. What a find!

Nancy-Rose said...

Ah - I'm a huge Jane Austen fan. Not chick books in the least! The dialogue is fantastic and funny.

I just picked up a copy of "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict", a novel by Laurie Viera Rigler. Looking forward to reading it sometime this summer!

Nancy said...

Wish I had been at that book sale! WOW! You mentioned Cyndi Hershey. What a lovely woman. She used to own the best quilt shop in our area - Country Quilt Shop and I took my first quilt class with her - a sampler called "Sew and Go". (Please don't ask me if it is finished yet). After a good many years, she and Jim sold off to one of the employees who lost the shop a lot of customers. Then a very nice couple bought the shop and all was well, for a while. Then then moved to a smaller location, with a lot less stock, and finally closed last December (2010). I will now have to drive to NJ or Lancaster to ffind a shop close to the caliber of Cyndi's. She now writes books and designs for Red Rooster.