This week in review...

First, did you notice that Emilie Richards commented on my blog yesterday? WOW!! Ms Richards, I hope you're checking again today because I wanna say a huge THANKS for taking the time to write to a single reader. But, more than that, Thanks for teaching Noah to quilt. I meant to bring my book so I could quote you exactly, but this part made my heart sing so I'm going to summarize:
Noah said to his father "I thought you said quilting was for sissies."
And, his father replied "Haven't you figured out I'm usually wrong?"

Way to GO!!!

And, I'd love to read a book called Drunkard's Path that cleared things up between Leon and his Dad. I can see your editor's objections to the name, but I think that would be a great way to deal with how they eventually resolve their issues.


And, back to our week, currently in progress.

Yes, the family was glad to see me and the house was clean and the dishes were washed. In fact, after I fixed a quick post flight sandwich last night, I felt free to leave my plate in the sink. I was a tired puppy and the adrenaline burned off pretty quick and I slept like a log.

The $100 poker chips weren't real. If they had been, I'd have cashed that in really quick. They were handed out by the gambling table group during dinner and could only be used to play that night. I'm betting that the person with the most chips at the end of the night won some kind of a prize, but I didn't think to ask anyone that stayed.

The drunkard's path quilt I showed yesterday is only going to be 42 x 4" blocks. That's all that came in the pack of 5" squares. That should finish at 24x28" plus a border, which is a nice size for a quilt that's completely made by hand. I think I'm going to try to get to the shop that offered the pre-cut pack at the quilt show. Maybe they have yardage. And, if not, it will be nice to visit a closer quilt shop than the one in N. Austin. If they don't have it, there's always the internet. It's a Moda fabric after all and those are easier to get than 100wt thread.

I had the courage to get on the scale this morning. It seemed very dangerous, considering that the food, while not very tasty, had plenty of grease (plenty!). No, you don't understand...it was really greasy. Everything. Well, except the powdered egg casserole they served every morning for breakfast (for pete's sake, at least use a spoon and break it up so it looks like real scrambled eggs). There was a lady at the conference this year who was a mere wisp of her former self. She works in our HR department and is getting married and decided to take the pounds off. She's lost 90 so far and wants to lose another 30. I'm so glad I asked her about the weight loss. I have gotten leary of doing that as a loss might be from an illness and a sudden gain, well, once I congratulated a tiny woman on her pregnancy and it was really a life threatening tumor and she couldn't afford treatment. So, I've found it best to steer away unless I know a weight change is intentional. But S.S. was proud to tell me how hard she'd worked and I was inspired. If she can do that, I can lose these last 5 pounds. And, I'm glad to say that despite the access to chocolate and foofy desserts, I didn't gain a bit of weight. My weight has plateau'ed for a while, but I've upped my workout again and that always means I stop losing weight for a while because I'm building the muscle to handle the extra workout. And, I can see that muscle in all the right places, so it's all good.

And, finally, I bid a fond farewell to the follower I lost the day I posted the most romantic story never filmed. I was hoping it was a mistake and that you'd be back, but it's been over a week and I can only assume you're gone for good. I hope it was because you objected to the story and not because you died or something. That would suck. And for everybody else? Thanks for hanging in there with me. It takes a lot for me to tell such a personal story on the blog because I have faced a good amount of criticism in my life about being gay and your comments and encouragement led to a greater confidence in myself. It's true. Quilters care. And, we ROCK!

Take care and have a great Friday. We'll see ya' round the www. Lane


Emilie Richards said...

So glad you got to the part about Noah. Couldn't do a series without a man who quilts. And yes, wouldn't Drunkard's Path be the perfect title for Leon and his dad? Right now I'm on Shenandoah Album hiatus (publisher's decision) but we'll reissue and I'll finish the series in the future. Maybe I can sneak that one in? All my best on your quilting endeavors.

Vesuviusmama said...

Hmmm, I've been out of commission for a while, making occasional posts but not really reading anyone else's blog. I see I have lots to catch up on. So jealous that Emilie Richards posted on your blog!!!

lw said...

How cool that Emilie Richards is here!!!

Glad to hear you kept the weight off while traveling, that's not easy given what restaurant and hotel food is like.

There's a Japanese import quilting store here in Torrance called Momen+ that carries 100 wt. silk. I'm trying it out for the first time on a quilt that has some dragon fabric I also got at Momen+. It's like sewing with a spider web.

I loved your "most romantic story never filmed." I love hearing about people falling in love-- it puts a shine on the day. Just to warn you (in case I get to busy to visit) NASA is "replanning" the JWST budget and I'm being loaned to production on another program. I won't have any control of my schedule for few months.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

interesting post!!!!

Quiltluver said...

I like the colors in your drunkard's path. I'd never heard of Emilie Richards, but just checked out the online library, and they have an ebook and an audio book for loan. I'm going to check them out. Thanks!

Trish said...

I recently stopped following a few blogs simply because I didn't have time to read so many, so I "cleaned up" my reading list.

Sunshine said...

Lane, how in the WORLD did you get Emilie Richards to comment on your blog? Is she a regular reader or what? I love her books, much more than the Chiaverini series - even though those books were what got me into quilting ;). Is there a new book out? I don't remember if I've read touching stars - I read them all at once after I discovered my first E. Richards book. Glad you like them too and congrats on having a celebrity visit your blog, though all non-celebrity readers are of equal importance in my opinion :)