a new toy, a quilting decision, and a Memorial Day pie

I've been looking at a new laptop. Nothing wrong with my old one, but we need to make sure we have one so I can work from home when I need to and that one was getting pretty old. I've shopped and found the specs that were important to me. And I've looked everywhere I could that had a discount. On Friday, I was shopping in office max and they had this one on sale that had everything I wanted and it was less than I could get, even with my employee perks discount. That store was out and could order one, but I don't wait well, so we called around, found one and picked it up on Saturday morning.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon loading software and pictures and music onto it. And, today, I've been putting it through it's paces to learn what I can about the new operating software. Sweet!
I also finally got this top laid out so I could stack it up in rows and get it out of the way. You can see the pattern pretty well, but it will look better when it's sewn together. I didn't like the way the pattern ended around the edges, so I turned some blocks around and formed the circles in the edges and put some unpieced squares in some other places and that stopped any hanging repeats that this pattern would normally have had around the edges.

And, every holiday needs something special. Today, it's apple pie. Yum. Smells so good. Baked it early before the day and the house got hot. While it baked, I did some yardwork and other junk. This afternoon, we're going to see Iron Man 2 at the theater. I think we've all just about said everything we have to say to one another after the weekend.

Oh, and we got Sydney's swimsuit. A two-piece, and the top is like a tank top and the bottom has a little skirt. Too cute and I know she's ready to take it for a test. But, the pools we usually go to are closed right now. So, she'll have to wait until summer camp starts. On Thursday. School's almost out. As usual, swim suit shopping had it's drama and trauma, but overall, this was definitely the best year we've had buying a suit. At least no one cried this year.
Rob ordered Sydney's purple shoes that I posted on Friday from the Converse website. They shipped them to us. They were about what we've been paying in the shoe store.
Take care and have a great Memorial Day holiday if you're in the U.S. and a great Monday to everyone else. Lane


Sunshine said...

Mouth-watering pie! It's lunch time here - so now I'm dreaming of apple pie for dessert :)

Love the quilt top and have fun with your new toy! :)

Enjoy your day off!


Shirleymac said...

I haven't been surfing lately so I had to go back to see Sydney's shoes. They're amazing! So cute! Your block looks great too. I love the muted colours. Have a good time at the movie.

lw said...

Mmmm...apple pie!

It suddenly occurred to me what your quilt top reminds me of in that pattern. It's like the tiled front of a Moroccan building.

Congrats on the new computer!

Michelle said...

Does your new computer use Vista or Windows 7?

Love your DP layout! DP is one of my favorites. I've made one and am currently cutting for another.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the new lap top. That is really fun!

I love how the drunkard's path is laid out! That will be really amazing.

Oh, and I'll be over for pie later ;)! I can almost smell it!

kwiltmakr said...

First, the pie looks scrumptious! You will love Iron Man 2. What a good day to spend at the movies. I like the lay out you chose on the Drunkard's Path. Hope your new computer will work well for you.

Becky said...

Glad you got you a new computer....keep track of the cords....lol. I did find my ipod, but now can't find my camera. UGH. Your DP is really gonna rock! Have a great holiday!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

The quilt top and the pie look equally gorgeous . Food for the soul AND the stomach!

Piece by Piece said...

Love the layout for your Drunkard's Path. The pie looks yummy. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I am so pleased with the ribbons.

Vesuviusmama said...

I like the unpieced squares in there to avoid the "hanging" circles - great layout!