Meet Ken Moore

That name is so cheesy, I wasn't entirely sure I could use it. But, the longer I've thought of this machine as Ken, the more comfortable I've gotten with it. All my other machines are named for women; Evelyn, Elizabeth, Katherine, Jenny, Eunice, Mary, etc. And, there's a reason for each one. Evelyn's original owner was named Evelyn and she had stuck little stickers all over...on every piece...that had her name. Elizabeth was named after a great manager at the LQS...don't know why, but she was. Katherine is my Mom's middle name and the serger she gave me is named after her. Jenny is the treadle and is named after Rob's grandmother, who sewed on a treadle. Mary is the 15-91 that my Mom and Grandmother bought together, but that lived at my Grandmother's house.

But. this machine was purchased because I liked the masculine lines. So, it's appropriate that it have a masculine name. And, Ken Moore is perfect.

A couple of words about Ken. I am surprised that this machine was marketed to women. There is just nothing frilly about it. No curves or filligree or fancy anything that would have been used as a marketing device in the 50's. It's all flat planes and straight lines and power. Lots and lots of power. Enough power that even an experienced sewist like me is a bit intimidated. He still has a slow start until he warms up. I just haven't found that sweet spot that needs a bit of lubrication. But, I'll get oil to it eventually.

He's a straight line machine, with forward a reverse. He uses Griest feet and I have a whole set.

Even his cabinet is Georgian and kind of masculine. Masculine enough anyway. This is his original cabinet and bears the Kenmore seal in the inside.

This is the kind of machine that collectors collect for. Unusual. And, I don't see a lot of them out there. So, if you get a chance to obtain your own Ken Moore, I'd recommend doing so. He's a heck of a machine.

Okay, that's all for me today. Take care and have a great Tuesday. Lane


Becky said...

I totally agree that it is masculine by design.....AND Ken is quite handsome!! I love the angular lines. He looks like a tank....perfect for heavy duty I bet. Can't wait to see what you two fellas come up with!!

Seraphinalina said...

Names are what works for you, I think Ken Moore is perfect. I only have one machine, it's actually never crossed my mind to give it a name.

Now when I finally get around to making/buying a dressform, I think that will need a name.

lw said...

Ken Moore is a great, space age machine, and I love the cabinet. If I found one, I would collect it. I am also hoping to find a white Singer Rocketeer that I can afford, and a 99K with the black crinkle finish.

vivian said...

Nice to meet you Ken!

Tammy said...

Wow! Ken Moore is quite a handsome machine. I'm glad you found yourself manly machine to sew with. He looks fantastic now that you've polished him up and replaced his broken bits. I name all my machines and even my dress form is named Dorothy. She has no arms or a head but she is dressed in a shirt because I don't want her to be cold in my craft emporium. I will be looking forward to seeing Ken and Lane's first quilting project.

Coloradolady said...

This is a beauty of a machine...umm....I should say handsome...sorry Ken Moore! My bad!

I love the cabinet too!! Can hardly wait to see what you two turn out together!!!

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Great job! I have a neighbor named Ken Moore. Seriously. I think yours is nicer. =-)

Lucy said...

I'm new to quilting and blogging and am desperate to name my machine! I have a Toyota sewing machine, it's pretty basic and white and for some reason I know it's a boy (is that really weird??!). Nothing has jumped out at me though so he is just nameless :(