Post vacation recovery

In my family, we all have different meanings for post vacation recovery. For Rob and Sydney, it was rest. And, on Saturday, they rested.

Sydney even bargained that she would do dishes until next year's vacation, if I would just do dishes on Saturday. That was one heck of a bargain, but I wish I'd filled out a contract and had her sign it because I fear that she will try to reneg on our verbal agreement very soon.

She's gone back to summer camp today for a week of swimming and a day at the Alamo. Good for her. I'm back at work. Not so good for me.

Anyway, I was still hopped up on vacation energy, so on Saturday, I decided to move everything around in the sewing room to accomodate that new sewing machine table I brought home from AR.

All my sewing tables used to be on the window wall, in a clump like this so that I have a very large area that I can spread a quilt out on, if I need it while sewing. This is especially handy for quilting a full size quilt. The cutting table is a drop leaf dining table that expands and expands and expands if needed. And, to get to it, all I have to do is fold up the extension arm on either of the tables and I have side access to my cutting mat. It will give me incentive not to pile things on the extension arms...I hope.

The sofa, that used to be on the wall, is now in front of the windows. This gives me a great place to sit for hand work and to watch TV. And, it puts the light from the window in a better place.

At about 3 yesterday afternoon, the trip hit me and I spent the rest of the day, laying on the sofa, drifting in and out of a blissful nap. Ahhhhh.

I know these pictures look crowded, but I actually ended up with a lot more floor space in the room and it is much more comfortable and functional. Not everything has found a new home yet, but there were three cans of garbage that went out and all my future projects got moved from the middle of the room, where I was forever tripping over them, into the closet, where I don't have to see them...where they won't haunt me and wail every time something else gets in line before they do. Where they won't remind me of all my good, but unfulfilled intentions.

Ahh, rationalization is a wonderful way to fool my mind into thinking that buying more fabric and crafting supplies is an okay thing. Just hide away all the things that would provoke guilt.

Take care and have a great Monday. I have over 200 emails from last week. Yeah. can you feel the excitemen...

oh, squirrel!



Glenn Dragone said...

Nice doll house

Vesuviusmama said...

Welcome back! I also did some rearranging on Saturday. My hubby came down to talk to me while I was in my sewing room, something he NEVER does, and I had to move two quilt frames for him to get to the rocking chair I have down there. So on my next trip down there, I cleaned up a bit, and moved the rocking chair out of the corner and over facing my sewing machine so should he ever come down again, I am ready to greet him. It was nice to have him around while I was doing my thing.

Coloradolady said...

Ughhh I did so much cleaning this weekend it could choke a horse...You'd think Martha herself was on the way. Much needed no doubt or I would not be so tired today!!

I agree with Glenn, very nice doll house! I think I had a friend who had one like it. I always wanted one as a girl, but for some reason, never did have one. Oh well....

Have a great week!!! I am off to rearrange the guest bedroom....and dust....maybe I will squeeze in a nap this afternoon!

John Gray said...