Pond Mountain Farrier

Have you ever seen a man shoe a horse? If so, then this post will probably be pretty boring. But, if you've never seen it, then this is a pretty fascinating few minutes.

The loud grinding sound is a fan running in the background to keep the guys cool, but Rob tries to catch as much of the conversation as possible. Get the review of the rodeo in Huntsville.

These guys specialize in corrective shoes for horses. Steve had a horse that was in corrective shoes and out of the riding rotation.

Okay, have a great Thursday. For some reason, work is annoyingly busy all of a sudden. First nobody wants anything, then everybody wants something different, all at the same time. So, I'm maximizing my day by posting early.



John Gray said...

I love a man who is good with his hands...
ohh err I sound like a "carry on film!"

Judy said...

Enjoyed the video. I have never seen a horse have his "shoes" put on. Interesting!