Another one down

I finished the quilting on this quilt this morning.


This is for our next door neighbor’s parents.  They are coming down from Canada for the holidays.  He is a chain saw wood carver and does great work.  We have a cardinal he brought for us one year.  Rob asked if I could make a quilt for them.  I think that was three weekends ago.  And, here it is, ready to bind.  The backing is a black and white stripe and I plan to cut the rest of it on the bias and use it for binding. 

The quilting is kind of fun, but also plain enough to be manageable and quick.  There are four maple leaves quilted into each block, each pointing to a corner.    I quilted up and down the sashing, but not through the middle.  I really like that black and white sashing.  I couldn’t come up with anything I wanted to use as sashing because the quilt has so many colors.  B/W was perfect.  I was tired of piecing these blocks in rapid succession and sashing was the way to go for extra size.  I probably spent as much time on it as I would have making another row and column of blocks, but I think it really sets off the quilt.  The border is a b/w flower print I have had for ever and decided I was never going to use it if I didn’t just go ahead and use it in something. 

100_6322 100_6323

I quilted a vine with maple leaves in the border.  Quick, efficient, and in theme.

That’s two down and the third one is over half finished.  So, I might actually knock out three before the end of the year.

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Rob is sick as a dog.  Rob’s dog is sick, too.  And, crap if I don’t have a cough and the ache-ys.  THERE IS NOT TIME FOR THAT!

Be well. Lane


lw said...

I love that quilt!

I recommend chicken soup and slow-release vitamin c and lots of liquids. Hope you're both well soon.

Kath said...

Blimey, I hope you're well enough for the holidays!
Love the quilt Lane, you were really up against it for time!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the quilt. You did a terrific job. Hope all of you get better soon. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful gift and in just three weeks? Amazing. Oh, I saw one yesterday I just had to tell you about. It was called something like "Jelly Roll 1600". You get one jelly roll, any one that appeals to you, and cut the end of the first piece at a 45 degree angle. Attach another piece to it after having bias cut that end to match. Continue with all the pieces in thje jelly roll. You will supposedly have 1600" of pieced jelly roll. You then cut all to a certain width (waiting for the quilt shop to call me back to tell me) and then join the strips. Add two borders and you have a nice-sized quilt. The one I saw was done in colors of lavender, soft sage green and light blue and the outer border was a gorgeous floral in those colors, on a white background. The inner border was one of the prominent colors in the quilt. of course, with a second jelly roll,m you could make it larger. I have asked the shop owner to send me a photo and when she does, I will forward it to you. The quilt was gorgeous.

Nancy said...

PS: So sorry Rob and the dog are sick and that you are starting not to feel well. Definitely not the time of the year for it. Drink hot lemonade (I think I hated my grandmom for foisting that on my when I had a terrible summer cold with a high temp - but it worked). It is soothing and if you are coughing, a dash of whiskey in the lemonade can help that. Oh, sweeten with honey - also soothing. I live in a senior complex and we have a monthly newsletter. One issue was filled with the healing benefits of honey. Oh, I was watching Life After People yesterday and they were talking about foods that would outlast humans: twinkles and ding dongs (good for at least 30 years after expiration date); fruit cake (recently found one that was 130 years old and the family taste-tested it and it was still fresh; honey (a jar was found dating to 1400 BC and was still perfect). I am not sure I would have wanted to taste test any of these items but interesting anyway.

Cappy said...

The way we do that quilt top is to do as you say, create one long chain of jelly roll fabric. Then pick up both ends and start sewing a 1/4" seam along the long edge, so you have 800" two strips wide. Then pick up both ends, sew along the long edge so you have a piece 400" long and four strips wide. Keep going until you have the width you desire. The border or bind as desired. Makes a fun quilt!

You can also add small squares or rectangles between strips instead of cutting the angles. Saw a beautiful one out if a black and white jelly roll withered squares scattered throughout.

You can also create your own jelly roll by cutting 2 1/2" strips out of scraps. The varying length of strips also adds interest...

Cappy said...

Ha! With red squares, not withered squares.

Now to do the number thang again. It's tough typing it on a phone... Merry Christmas!