Go for it!

I made the decision on the binding.  I went with my first instinct and I am glad.  I think it looks very nice and you can barely tell that the border fabric is black and the binding is blue.



I don’t think it matters because the quilt is so much fun and has so much color.


Binding this  will be my hotel project over the weekend.  Sydney and I are leaving in the morning to go to my parent’s house for a couple days.  Our plan is to start early enough that we can stop at a couple of antique shops on the way there and back.  I’m an early riser and she’s a teenager,so there will be hours for me to listen to a book and work on this binding.  In fact, I’ll likely take a little something else portable…hexies maybe? in case she sleeps longer than I have project for. 

I upgraded our hotel this week.  I booked the first hotel on cost.  I’ve stayed there.  It’s a fine hotel and I didn’t have any trouble.  But, this time, I’m traveling with my teenage daughter and I’d like to stay someplace just a wee bit nicer, with a wee bit higher nightly rate because I’ve stayed in enough hotels to know what that wee bit actually buys.  And, we deserve it. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  Yesterday’s team lunch went off great.  We had a later lunch and didn’t do anything after.  We were the last ones in the restaurant.  The staff took turns eating their lunches and waiting on us.  I meant to shoot some video and didn’t think of it. 

Be well.  Lane


Elizabeth said...

It turned out nicely. I love stripey binding on the bias!

Have a lovely trip!

xo -E

lw said...

I agree about the hotel, a little bit nicer at Christmas is a good thing.

I think the quilt turned out great, and I may have to steal the stripy binding idea.

Karen said...

Okay, a week without posts, I'm worried! Hope things are okay and that you are just busy with the holidays! Take care, miss your posts!