Not sure about this idea

This morning, I’m wondering how close is close.

Is dark navy blue close enough to black that I can use the 10 yards of binding I just made?

This is the backing.


I wanted to take the rest of the fabric and cut it on the bias and use it for a binding.


It’s kind of jarring for me.  I didn’t realize that the backing was navy until it was pin basted and decided I didn’t care.  It was close enough for a back.  But, I’m thinking I need a more solid black to join the black print on the front and the navy stripe backing. 

Or maybe not.  I decided, after sewing on just a foot of the binding, to wait and think about it for the day.  I’m in no rush.  If I have to make more binding, then I will.  It’s not like it’s a big deal.  And, I’ll have all this binding for another project.

Today is my work end of year celebration.  Not dreading it this year.  When they asked what I wanted to do, I said lunch and then go do something after, where we can sit and visit.  This surprised the event organizer and I could tell she was pleased.  Last year, we had lunch and then a very relaxing beer in a pub after.  That would be good.  After we end, I’m off work for the rest of the day.  Yay!  gotta love that.

Rob is getting better.  He was well enough to go to the office and take care of some things that really couldn’t wait.  But, he’s coming home in a couple hours.  Poor thing.  This is the fourth day. 

Thankfully, his dog is feeling better, too.

Have a great Thursday.  Lane


Rebecca Grace said...

First of all, I hope everyone in your family is feeling better, human as well as canine.

Now, about this binding... I went back and looked at the post where you showed the whole quilt top, and I think the navy and white stripe is a stroke of accidental brilliance! Yes, you've got a black background in your border print fabric and your sashing is black and white (love how that looks, by the way), but you actually have quite a bit of dark blues in your maple leaf blocks. I think the bit of navy in the binding stripe helps to pull it all together. So my vote is to keep it!

lw said...

I like it, I think it's charming. But you have to go with your gut.

Glad everyone is feeling better!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with LW about going with your gut. You won't be happy if you let your head try to talk you into something you aren't really keen on.

Hope Rob's recovery speeds up and no one else gets it.

xo -E