First quilt finished

This is the quilt I finished for my Dad.  It’s a huge log cabin block.  The strips are 4” wide and it’s got added sashing for extra size, which gives it a real wonky look up close. 


I did a lot of quilting in it.  There’s a tree that runs through all the sashing, but I can’t get it to photograph.  And, there is a large pointy meander in the blocks.  The sashing has a rope that goes all the way around.  Most of what you’re seeing is chalk marker. I had a plastic template and I used my pounce and it was sooooo fast.  It’s good when it all comes together.  .


Everybody enjoy your Friday the 13th.  Tonight, Syd has a choir concert. Not just choir; all the groups.  And, she said we could come late and leave early, but we really don’t do that.  Never liked when parents left as soon as their kid’s team was through instead of rooting for the next one. 

Anyway, it’s going to be a long day.  Everybody enjoy it.  Lane


lw said...

I like the wonky look. I can't see the quilting even if I enlarge it, so I am picturing the tree. I like the border a lot.

Friday the 13th has traditionally been a lucky day in our family; hope it is for yours, too.

Elizabeth said...

Love that braided border! I'm sure your dad will really enjoy a quilt made by you! Gotta love the Christmas gifting/crafting season! And the school concert season!

xo -E