A weekend lost

Well, I have the surface back.  yay...  I have to say that everything worked great.  And, Microsoft was disappointing in just the ways I would expect them to be disappointing, as in they don't keep a record of my apps that I can just reinstall...I have to remember what they were and reinstall them.  And, it took several tries, at multiple hours each to download the file that ultimately saved the day...and they said that was my download speed, but funny thing, everything else we clicked on downloaded fast...except that one file.  But, their customer service reps were GREAT!  It almost makes all the other crap okay. 

And, I'm just glad to be back in business.  Thank goodness I've been good at backing things up.

Anyway, just a few pictures today, to brighten the mood. 

My Mom asked me the other day if she had sent us a brown Iris.  This must be it.  The pictures make it look more reddish and Sydney calls it the color of dried blood.  But, I can't imagine a flower being more brown than this one.  It's beautiful!

And, my little patch of iris in bloom.  The experts say, you can't grow that here.  humph!

This is a little hand quilting project I started about three weeks ago.  A dear friend gave me two sets of whole cloth patterns to quilt small quilts.  I picked this one as my first. 

Here it is with the blue ink washed out.  I don't know if you can see the quilting.  It's really a nice little piece.  And, I have plans to make more.  Rob has a plan to turn them into a single art piece.  And, I'm supporting that plan.
Okay, well, I really just don't want to look at this computer anymore.  So, I'm going to go see if I can find something more worthwhile to do that will get my butt out of this chair.

Have a great Sunday!  Lane


lw said...

Tell Sydney that in Elizabethan England, that dried blood color was called sangyn.

I blew up the photos, the quilting totally comes through. It's really good.

sally said...

The quilting is beautiful! I have a question: did you hand quilt it before you did the binding or after? I've always wondered if you could do hand quilting after binding....sometimes I need a quilt finished (binding on) first, then I want to do some handwriting at a leisurely pace. My quilts normally are not much larger than throw size, so I am not talking about anything huge.

Carla said...

Love the quilting. I blew the picture up too so I could see it.
Very nice.