Just thoughts

I'm having computer problems. Remember how much I loved my surface?  So I bought a second one and let it replace my laptop?  What a moron I am sometimes.  The surface hardware is great. It's the fact that Microsoft can't keep their hands out of it makes me crazy. Thinking of switching to an iPad. And very politely told the tech that the other night and she seemed surprised. So my experience must be unique. I know you're not supposed to read between the lines with computer people...they're much too literal...but I got the feeling my computer had been having problems for a long time as she listened to my story.

I was out of town for a work conference. they did that get to know you game where they have things listed and you have to find people that have done them. One was has used a typewriter. And there were only a few that had. I work for a major auto insurer and I was the only person in the room that drives a hybrid. And only a few had climbed a mountain, but that one got interesting because I climbed pond mountain in Arkansas. Another guy climbed a cliff face. My boss's boss was the only one that owned a boat. Hmmm.

I flew to Cleveland next to a woman that reminded me so much of my dear friend LD. Looked like a little younger version of her. We had the nicest chat.

On the flight home last night, I sat next to a young woman who had hurt her back, lifting her child. She and I talked a lot. I did what I could to help her feel more comfortable. she was not the only person that called me kind. I can think of four that called me kind over the course of this trip. Funny that they all used the same word. I don't think of myself as particularly kind. I think maybe Rob is rubbing off on me.

I flew up on United. I flew home on American. So I got to really contrast the two. WOW!  I know which one I prefer. And now I know why.

Typing on phone. Things not saving right. So have a good day. And a good weekend. Lane

When I go to these meetings, I see people clump together in their little groups. I try to sit at a table where I only know one person and I try to sit across from them. Believe me y'all. This is an effective way of networking for a shy person. At a round table, when you talk to the one you know, you talk to the whole table.  And get to meet people. It works every time. But my co workers still clump. Don't get it. Spread out. Shake just a few hands.

When someone sees you bury your face in a plate of ribs, don't start telling them about your diet the next morning. They will raise one eyebrow at you and it won't be their fault.

Why is so much trashy gay romance written by women?  I've discovered that I love trashy gay mystery romance novels when I travel. Just the right amount of interest and thrill. I can forget about the inconvenience and feeling like a sardine and the fact that TSA is scary (why are the tiny blind ladies the scariest of all. It's like they're getting even for all the times we treated them like little ladies


Lane said...

Okay that was supposed to be tiny blond ladies, not tiny blind ladies. Lol! Have good days!! Lane

Becky said...

Hahahahaha! I think I like the tiny blind ladies better.....makes a great picture in my mind!! I use all Apple products...at the insistence of my Software Engineer son...and I absolutely love them. WOuldn't go back to Microsoft for nothing!

Love ya, Becky

lw said...

My daughters are both Apple users, they don't have near as many problems as I've had, though to be fair, I have more problems with my iphone than my PC.

I've been trying to sit next to a different person at quilting guild every time I go, for the same reason. So far I really like everyone. They clump, but they're friendly clumps and casually will add new members.

Aren't most romance novels of any persuasion written by women? I tend towards classic literature and sci fi, myself, but I've gotten a lot of free quilting novels, seems to be a lot of romance in those, too, and they seem to be written by women.

Brenda said...

I double what Becky said. I am an Apple girl all the way (as are my two sons). I would never go back to MS. And I even worked for HP for close to 20 years! Lol

Marei said...

Loved the tiny blind ladies! I'm still chuckling. I've got no advice re: computers. Personally.....I'm a big fan of typewriters. Underwood typewriters. With hand carriage return. And keys that you sometimes have to unstick. Yeah..I'm feeling nostalgic right now.

Carla said...

Technology can't live with it and can't live without it.
I was kinda wondering about the blind ladies. LOL