We survived. All of us.

When Sydney said she wanted to go to prom and she needed a dress, I said you need to find a woman.  Dress shopping is not a skill I possess nor is it a skill I'm interested in possessing.  And, an old man skulking around a dress shop sounds a little creepy. 

I talked to Rob about it and he was all "it's such a special occasion, don't you want to be there...guilt, guilt, guilt."

But, I held my ground. 

And, Sydney held hers.  She had a couple things she needed to do before we went prom dress shopping.  Conditions, if you will.  Or, maybe you'd like to call them ransom.  And, God love her, she did 'em.  She got a job and she kept her grades up.  But, she did not go find a woman to help her dress shop.  She came back to me. 

And, yes, all you nice ladies out there just went "ohhhh, how sweet".  Piddle.  This was a battle of wills. 

And I lost.  And I started reading about how to buy a prom dress.  And, she and I started talking about it over breakfast and she was studying up on it too, doing her part.  Even if we were following different paths, we were finding out the same information.  And, she was helping me feel more comfortable about it.  So, yesterday morning, before she went to work, I walked up to Rob and just announced that Syd and I were going dress shopping after work.  And, he asked if he should go.  And, I said I did not care, I did not want to go.  So, he went with us. 

And, for the most part, I took it easy on Sydney and for the most part, she took it easy on me.  And, she and I walked up and down the aisles of dresses...I was clearly not the first man to walk down those aisles or the first one pulling stuff out and asking "this?"  So, apparently the old man in the dress shop being creepy isn't true anymore, but how was I to know that before I got there.  Sydney went in with an idea and I asked her to try three different style dresses in three different colors before she made up her mind.  Rob held down the fort outside her dressing room door. 

The shop was packed.  There were girls and mothers and aunts and babies everywhere.  And, there were dresses flying on and off mannequins.  I'd never been in a dress shop, much less one that was busy, but I'm glad it was busy.  It let us kind of melt into the background.  The girl that helped us knew what was up and she was perfect.  She paid us just enough attention to make sure we had anything we needed, and after she showed me how to zip a girl into a dress that doesn't quite fit, she earned the easiest commission of the day. 

I talked Sydney into trying this dress.  She saw it on the mannequin and I think was a little intimidated by it.  I think the one on the mannequin was a size two.  Sydney is not.  But, there was one in her size right there, so as she was walking away with two other dresses, she flounced it onto her arm. 

It was the first one she tried on.  And, it was fantastic!  She still had her hair up from working at the restaurant. 

It made the stuff she wanted to look bigger look bigger and the stuff she wanted to look smaller look smaller.  Sounds perfect to me!  I always look for those qualities in men's clothes. 


Then she tried on a dozen other dresses.  Okay, the exact number is being argued.  Some of us say it was a hundred.  Others say only ten.  But, I say it was a dozen. 
At the end, when we were all tired...50 minutes later...I asked if she was going to try on the black dress again, and she said yes.  And, this time, she came out with her hair down.
And, we all knew it was the one.  It doesn't even need hemming.  So, we walked out of there with it in a bag. 
Fifty minutes, y'all.  Now, that's how men buy a dress.
Actually, I'm pretty sure we got lucky.  Real lucky!  The queens of drag were smiling upon our little family.
Everybody have a great Sunday!! 
Ain't she pretty?  Maybe that picture will get her a date. 


Libby in TN said...

She is a beauty and the dress is perfect. Good job!

Becky said...

Sydney, you are BEAUTIFUL!!! The dress is perfect. Lane, I am glad you hung in there for the adventure....it is definitely a good memory for all three of you!

Sydney, have fun at the Prom!

scrappy101 said...

Classy Dress!
Thinking her hair done up to reveal her neckline, the dress draping on her back is nice too.
Beautiful Girl!!
Nice Choice

FabricandFlowers said...

Perfect dress! Sidney looks so elegant and fabulous. Wear it with confidence and have fun at the prom.

Kate said...

it's gorgeous... well done to all... so , hair up or hair down?

I might suggest hair pulled around to one side, so you have some visible neck on one side, and gorgeous hair on the other...........

earrings will be important... hint, hint..............

you guys are so much fun...............

Andi's English Attic said...

How do you type a wolf-whistle? She looks absolutely stunning. Absolutely fab choice. And (the power of three) absolutely...WOW!

Mussipitz said...

Syndneys dress is soooooooooo beautiful on her... she just looks georgeous...

I hope she has a lot of fun on her prom... I live in Germany I never had one...

warmest regards Andrea

lw said...

That dress looks amazing on Sydney; glad you both went to help her choose. I know why she asked you; you have really good taste and she wanted to look classy.

Anonymous said...

CLASSY!!! That dress is gorgeous,elegant and just perfect. She will have a great time.

Kath said...

Miss Sydney you look very elegant, I love the dress you chose. Rob and Lane I am rather envious, I don't have a daughter, so I will never get to be part of this special event.
HAir down, hair up? I like to down, very feminine and good for flirting with :-D

Tammy said...

oh my gosh.. Sydney looks stunning in that sweet little black dress. So classy. I love it. Great story of dress shopping with her beloved dads. Sydney is beautiful, and the dress is lovely as well.

Megan said...

Lane - I'm glad that you were eventually 'persuaded' to participate in the dress-selection outing. And I thought it lovely that Sydney wanted you to be involved. She looks very sophisticated and elegant in the dress. Good choice.
Well done everyone.

Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Sydney's dress is PERFECT very elegant and sophisticated. Good job. Suggest she wear her up as it will show off her lovely neckline and too the detail of the back of the dress. Have a great time at the prom Sydney you are going to have such fun.
Sue Smit
Wallingford, CT

Rieann said...

Congratulations on overcoming your demons, on choosing the 'perfect' dress, and getting it all done under an hour - Super Family!!!

Sydney looks lovely in that dress, not too revealing, so she will be comfortable in it all night, and oh so elegant.

It doesn't stop there though, good hairdo and make up, not a plastered wall of gunk, and an elegant hair do, love the suggestion of an asymmetrical do to show off the beautiful hair and the beautiful neck and shoulders of a truly beautiful girl.

Best wishes to you all

John Yingling said...

Don't forget the shoes!

Carla said...

She's beautiful and looks very elegant.
Glad you went with her and shared the moment