The next blook

Barbara Brackman released the next block in her Westering Women series.  If you've ever done a Barbara Brackman series, and have figured out how to print her patterns when she calls for one to be printed, then you're one up on me.  I've stopped trying.  It's easier for me to draft the block with pencil and paper than it is to print her patterns. 

In this post, Barbara gives the photos and pattern for the block.  But, then, at the very bottom of the post, there's a picture of one set differently.  Of course, I liked that one the best.  And, since I was going to be drafting the block myself, I figured why not draft the one I liked the best. 

I used a ruler and figured out the size and shape of all the pieces and then I cut it out and put it together.  I think of sycamore leaves as being a greenish grey, so that's the fabrics I picked.  I wish I'd had something a little more silvery grey for the bottom pair of diamonds, but it's good the way it is. 

I'll draw your eye to that center. 

Ya, I did that. 

Here it is from the back. 

And, with the other blocks. 

I'm going to have to be real careful when it comes to choosing fabrics for this quilt.  I've started some very disjointed blocks here...and I'm going to need to find things to tie them back together. 

Everybody have a great weekend.  We are going to the Georgetown quilt show and then out to see a friend. 



lw said...

Your block came out great! At some point, you can invent your own and we can piece along. Keep that one, it's pretty.

Carla said...

You're way ahead of me!
Looks great to me.