Just one more post...

and then, I promise I'll shut up about it.

This weekend, I pieced the last of the arcs for the DWR quilt.  And, I took some pics because, like everything else, I think my method is magic or something and that everybody should see it.

There's worse stuff I could feel that way about. 

Anyway, I paper piece with freezer paper.  I don't need nearly as many copies of the pattern.  And, it just works better than traditional paper piecing for me.  And, the best part is that at the end, I don't have to pull all that paper off. 

I stacked 8 rectangles of freezer paper together and pinned them to the back of my pattern and sewed through it all to mark the lines on the freezer paper.  Then, I cut them out to shape.  I cut all my fabrics in 2.5" squares. 

I ironed the first square to the freezer paper template.  You can see how I made sure it overlaps the paper pattern by a quarter inch on the folded side.  The other side has the seam allowance included...that's the pencil line. 

Because the paper is folded back, it's really easy to line the next piece of fabric up with the shape it needs to cover, sew along the fold, not through the paper,  then I use my Add-a-Quarter ruler to trim to a perfect quarter inch seam allowance. 

Fold that second piece of fabric over so it covers its shape and iron it to the paper.  I generally iron...iron, not press...with the top of the iron to push the fabric over and give me a crisp fold line.  Then, I flip the whole thing over and press the paper to the fabric.  The paper adheres better if you get the paper hot than if you get the fabric hot.  Then, I repeat that process with fabric three. 

I use a ruler to trim the edge off when I'm done. 

And, then scissors to trim right along the edge of the paper to make the curves perfect.  I could probably use a rotary cutter, but the scissors slide so nicely along the edge of that heavy freezer paper that it's really easy. 

And, I get a perfect arc.  Peel the paper and it's ready to use.  And, I can use the papers 6-7 times.  I made 32 copies of the pattern and pieced 178 or so arcs. 

The last ones are made and I'm started on row seven.  The last row.  I'm very excited.

Everybody have a great Monday!  The pig roast was fun.  I'll save you the picture of the pig on the spit.  It was kinda maybe a lot for me. 



lindaroo said...

I'm not tired of your DWR quilt, or of your explanations about how you're making it! In fact, I love it, and look forward to updates as you continue to make progress. Thanks for showing us how you use the freezer paper for no-tears paper piecing!
(No-tears! I made a written pun!)

Lakegaldonna said...

Happy to hear the pig roast was fun.
I like your freezer paper for sewing the arcs. I might just have to try that. Thanks!

lw said...

I think I need to see a video of your paper fold back method to understand what you're doing.

jane said...

I will never quilt. I do not have the skill. But I love reading about how you are doing it and seeing the final results and I think this quilt is going to be a masterpiece. I have my own project in mind a faux quilt in memory of my aunt. And I am learning from you.