Quilts and friends

Last week was heck at work.  And despite my best efforts, I was angry and tired.  It was one of those "they're all out to get me" weeks.  And, I know.  They weren't really out to get me. 

But, you know how it feels when you're balancing lots of stuff. 

And, all that meant I was having trouble deciding what to do with...I almost took that out, but it's true to.  What I was really having trouble with was committing to anything.  Like what to eat for breakfast.  And, picking out clothes was impossible, so I wore all brown. 

Anyway, Saturday, there were plans for a quilt show.  And, sometimes, just pursuing a plan takes away the need to make decisions.  I liked that.  And, it was a very nice show.  I took a few pictures...like 195.  I do love some quilty inspiration.  Anyway, here are a few pics of quilts that stood out for me.  Not the best, not the worst.  Just some that I like. 

I loved the theme of this one.  She said she made it for a relative.  Sister in law I think. 

And, this one really took my breath away.  When I walked up to it, I didn't see the pattern. It was pretty.  Lots of piecing.  And, hand quilted.  But, then I saw it through the camera lens and saw the pattern.  I love a quilt that does that.  I wish I could figure it out and do it myself. 
And, you know me and feathered stars.  Couldn't help but love this star quilt with a large star in the center. 
Have you noticed a theme?  Color.  The quilt that had a hidden pattern.  The black/brown/grey.  And, this one fascinated me because of the color.  It really explored all the shades along that side of the color wheel.  But, stayed within the realms of purple. 
This quilt was all cross stitch on a piece of whole cloth.  Oh, my!  It was beautiful! 
And, there was our vote for best of show.
Here is the card for this one.  What skill!!!  And Patience!!!

And, this quilter took a class and entered several quilts.  Rob and I both love this kind of quilting.  My photo doesn't do it justice. 
We ended the day with some retail therapy in the vendor mall and then a trip to see a friend's yard.  She's done a ton of work and really enjoyed showing it off. 
Everybody have a great week.  My boss is back.  Both my projects are practically done.  Tonight is quilt guild.  The speaker is going to speak on crazy quilts and I'm looking forward to that.  Overall, it's shaping up to be a very nice Monday. 


lw said...

The tall ship quilt is wonderful! Wish I could see these in person.

jane said...

I love the ship quilt also! It is fabulous!! makes me wish I were a quilter.

Becky said...

Thank you for taking us along to the quilt show! Stunning!
Hope this week at work is stress-less!
Love ya! Becky

Carla said...

I have a feeling you'll study that picture and figure out the pattern of that one quilt so you can make your own one day.
Thanks for sharing the quilt show. Pretty quilts indeed

have a great week!