A weekend to feel more than do

It was a weekend to feel stuff, and I was busy while I was feeling, but I don't have much accomplishment to talk about.

We went to a Memorial Service on Saturday.  That didn't take much time, but it took a lot of energy.  We don't go to many services like that.  It was pretty religious.  But, probably the most emotional time for me was during the singing of an old hymn, Blessed Assurance.  At one point, I heard the congregation from my child hood singing.  And, it overcame me for a couple of minutes.  The memory of it.  The feeling of being part of something bigger.  The memory of the voices that helped shape who I became.  And, hearing the sermon, I remembered that assurance that I had when I was a child that what I believed was right and unquestionable. 

I did a lot of different chores over the weekend.  There was gardening and silver polishing and a little cooking.  I quilted on the Simply Delicious quilt.  Nearly all the blocks are outline quilted.  But, honestly, that's just the beginning of it all.  It's the background filler that's going to take the time.  All things in good time, right?

And, I got the binding on this little quilt.  It's all finished now, sleeve and all.  Just needs a label.

I plan to take it to guild tonight to show off. 

May was doctor month.  I saw all my doctors.  I'm certified to live another year.  But, they've added another doctor for me to see.  I need to show some spots on my skin to a dermatologist.  Nothing serious.  Just some psoriasis.  But, it's new.  And, I don't very much like it.  So, it has to go.  And, it will be a good chance to get the rest of the largest organ of my body checked out...my skin.  Maybe they can stop the aging process? 

Wouldn't that be nice. 

It's weird that I stayed so busy for two whole days and have so little to show and so little to talk about.  Sorry.  I'm even boring myself so I'm going to sign off now.  Maybe I can find something interesting to do that I can talk about later. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  It's the first day of the fiscal month.  Much work to be done. 




Anonymous said...

Always good news to get a clean bill of health. Have a great day. Mary

Mari said...

Your little quilt looks great! (And your posts are never boring!) Have a good week!

Dot Wankat said...

But it wasn't boring. You have a prodigious amount of energy for quilting, cooking, and gardening - not to mention work. It feels like some of your energy was redirected to processing - invisible results and useful.

Anonymous said...

Memories are wonderful things.
Love the little quilt. I know it will
get good comments at guild. You do such
good work. lum