Another weekend in paradise

Oh, my it is hot outside.  99-103*.  Nice nights.  But, hot days.  I spent some early time, like 6:30-9:30 out in the garden.  And, it was nice.  But, then I came in and sat still for a while.  Of course, even when it's a hundred all around, it's never that hot in my back garden.  I went out at 5pm to water yesterday afternoon and it was pleasant.  Of course, I wasn't doing much but standing there with the hose, but it was pleasant. 

We took our friend LD out for lunch yesterday.  That was nice.  It's always good to see her and we go to a café that specializes in comfort food, so you know we enjoyed it.  Even Sydney went with us.  I was knitting in the car on the drive home and dozed off midway through a purl stitch.  I woke up with a start.  It was hot and I was tired.  And, that's all the excuse I have. 

I pulled out my applique needle on Saturday and fixed all the spots in Simply Delicious that needed help and even fixed Rob's cowboy quilt and then I did some background quilting.  I finished all the outlining and then started to mark.  And, I was right the other day, it is fast and I do enjoy it.  For now anyway. 

I got bored with all my hand work, so had actually started to lounge and watch TV in the evenings.  No more of that.  I wouldn't let myself start anything til I finished something (I had three projects stacked on the end table that I was avoiding, but don't tell anybody).  So, I knuckled under and finished the scarf that I started in January.  Course, it never got cold enough here to need a scarf.  It goes really good with that green coat I made myself a couple years ago. 

And, to show you how close I was on that one and on this one, I also finished a sock.  Granted, it's just one sock and one sock isn't much good.  But, I finished it. 

Imagine some evil doctor in a spy movie, heels of my hand pressed together, tapping my fingertips together in front of a devious grin as I try to figure out what to start next.  Because what the heck, don't I just need another project? 

That was not actually a question.  Of course, I do.

It keeps me out of the nuthouse.

I did something stupid this weekend.  So, I'll tell everybody, right?  I spilled coffee in the sewing room.  I bumped it with my hand and it toppled to the floor.  And, I thought I'll just bring in the steam cleaner and clean that up lickety split.  NOT!  That just made it bigger.  So, I thought I must have done something wrong and I brought in the steam cleaner again.  And, it got bigger!!!  I ended up pouring water on the stain and then blotting it out with towels.  Which is what I should have done in the first place.  And, thank goodness, it came out and dried.  But, I was worried about it a little bit. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  My boss is back from his week of vacation.  Darn it.  We'll have a fun couple of days bringing him up to speed because a lot happened last week. 

More than would have happened if he had been there. 



Dot Wankat said...

You have such a lovely skill set - knitting, quilting, and sewing. Sorry if I've forgotten something else. But not forgetting your life skills at home and at work.

Something else - you have an eye for incredible detail and the drive to accomplish it. Your background quilting on the Simply Delicious quilt is amazing. Adding orange peel curves to a square grid would never occur to me. Again, it looks just right.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I had your energy... Maybe one day I did have it, but I have outgrown it. lum

Anonymous said...

Ah! You get more work done at home while your boss is away. What's that telling you? You're relaxed! Sock looks great. The second one will knit up faster. Have a great day. Mary