Random thoughts on Thursday

It's not the heat, it's the humidity.  92* feels like 101*.  What's up with that???

Rob and I go to a sandwich shop where you fill out your order on one side of a brown bag.  They hang the bag on a line and it moves down the line as they build the sandwich.  When it's done, they wrap it and stuff it into the bag.  It's fun to draw something on your bag so you can keep track of it as it works its way down the line.  The last time we were there, Rob and I were standing with our backs to one another as we filled out our bags.  This is what we drew on the backs of our bags. 

If you're psychically linked to your spouse or partner, clap your hands!

Clap, clap!

Yesterday, I worked from home so a roofer could come give us an estimate on a  repair.  We have an 18" square where water has gotten under the shingles and damaged the underlayer.  I guessed between one exorbitant and ridiculously high number and another.  It came in at the lower of those exorbitant and ridiculously high numbers. 

Rob took the dogs to the veterinarian yesterday for their annual shots.  The bill was half of the cost of the exorbitant and ridiculously high repair on the roof.  Maybe I should just staple a dog over the leak.

Not really.

But, maybe.

Independence Day weekend is nearly here.  I have a four day weekend.  And, it's going to feel like 104*.  I should take all my time off in the winter and work all summer, in an office where I don't pay for the air conditioning.

I'm taking out a flower bed of Aspidistra, commonly known as cast iron plant.  It's very popular here because it's dang near invasive and thrives in drought and poor soil.  I dig up a section about 2'x3' and put the bare root plants in a box and put them out on the street with a sign that says free and tells a little about the plant, and asks the person to leave the sign when they take the plants.  Both boxes have been gone within a few hours.  I love sharing like that. 

We've started to see purple leaf cannas in the neighborhood.  They must have come from us.  I've never seen them anywhere else.  Plants we shared just like this that have sprouted up everywhere.

We don't tell folks this stuff is nearly invasive. 

Surely they realize that's why we're giving it away. 

When I saw both my doctors in May, they both commented on the fact I had gained 10# in a year.  And, 10 more the year before that.  They both said the same thing...don't do it again.  The first 10 was muscle from walking and working out.  But, I stopped doing that a little before the election...too much depression to exercise.  The last 10# was not muscle and was all in one place.  I was eating three big meals a day and three snacks.  And, holding my breath to button my pants.  All I changed was walking a bit more...not like I was before, and not eating the snacks.  And, I've lost 6#.  My only treat is a small handful of nuts in the afternoon.  And, maybe one small cookie before bed.  It's working. 

Everybody have a great Thursday!  Yesterday was busy as all heck.  Today promises more of the same.  Tomorrow, too.  Then four days off!  Woo-hoo!



Margie said...

Dog on the roof made me laugh. My AC is sick and had to call a plumber for a leaking valve in the bathroom. Don't have any animals so it could be worse!

Gisela Suski said...

Great you lost weight and enjoy your 4 day weekend. Heat does not go well with me. Happy when this season is over.

Anonymous said...

Oh you made me laugh today. Here we celebrate our 150 Birthday. Hope you have a great weekend.
PS...you can sew a button on with stretch thread for those snug times👍 Mary

Kathy S said...

Hi Lane, I saw a pic of the Paducah group quilt winner on The Quilt Show website, with an interview by Bonnie Browning, they mentioned your name!!! A beautiful quilt and wonderful effort by the Austin Area quilt guild. I remember seeing those feathered stars growing on your blog posts. congratulations!!! Kathy

Rebecca Grace said...

Lane, I think we should just call it Quilter's Tummy and say it's a thing. I've gained 15 over the past year, and it's a combination of chocolate cake, Ben & Jerry's, and not exercising anymore since my bike partner/life partner has been unable to go with me due to the new heart problems. I hate that none of my shorts fit this summer, but as soon as I type the words Ben & Jerry's I WANT SOME!!!!